Best Hack and Slash 2024, roguelite and indie! The section of the best video games to come!

Best video games 2024

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Releases of the best Hack and Slash 2024, roguelite and indie! The best video games to come for an exciting gaming year!

Best video games 2024, big releases and unmissable events! 00:00

Best video games of 2024, big releases and unmissable ones! 00:00

This selection offers you the best Hack and Slash, Roguelite and Indie of 2024 ! Don't forget that you also find the release dates on our calendar !

Last epoch 1.0, the titan of indie hack and slash

Since 2019, Last Epoch has continued to offer quality content, with very good hack and slash builds, classes, stories and endgame systems. Still in early access with a date planned for December 2023, version 21 will finally be available on February 2024, 1.0. The perfect opportunity to start the year with a HnS that deserves it!

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Path of Exile 2, the next Hack and Slash juggernaut - end of 2024

Highly anticipated game by fans Path of Exile, the sequel promises to be one of the most anticipated Hack and Slash games. Even if the first opus remains complicated to learn and may put off some players, the second will have a simplified system without neglecting the depth of the game. In addition, it will be free, and as the developers said during Exilcon 2019 “anyway our game is free, so you can try it and form your own opinion!”. All that remains is to wait for a release date, the closed beta being launched in June 2024.

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Diablo 4, the extension of the iconic hack and slash - end of 2024

In addition to the constant updates of Diablo 4 via the seasonal system in particular, it is at the end of 2024 that we will be entitled to the first expansion, with an additional class and the continuation of the story around Mephisto. The game will have benefited from numerous improvements and this will be the perfect opportunity to discover it or return to it!

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Grim Dawn Fangs of Asterkarn, the extension of the legendary hack and slash - during 2024

Grim Dawn is a Hack and Slash game developed by Crate Entertainment released in 2016, after acquiring the rights to the Titan Quest game engine. It has two expansions, Ashes of Malmouth in 2017 then Forgotten Gods in 2019. Its next Fangs of Asterkarn expansion, 5 years later promises to be a quality titan with new zones, bosses, class, objects and level of difficulty!

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TitanQuest 2, the return of the legendary Hack and Slash - end of 2024?

Announced in 2023, the sequel to Titan Quest has had a tsunami effect in the world of Hack and Slash. Currently we don't have any gameplay yet, so we have to hope for a release date in 2024 for beta or early access. Titan Quest featured an innovative dual-class system back in the day where you battled gods. This principle will of course be kept for the second opus!

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The Slormancer, the French HnS nugget - 2024?

As of 2021, The Slormancer offers incredible quality of content and depth. Hack and Slash developed by a French studio of two people, it is very rare to have the opportunity to play a game offering so much interest. Constantly updated during their early access phase and even if the initial date of around two years expired in April 2023, the studio made the honorable choice to finish the game rather than release an incomplete version. . Let's be patient but 2024 could probably be the year of The Slormancer!

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hades 2, the sequel to the roguelite from hell - Q2 2024

Hades had caused a sensation with naughty gameplay, a good story and a whole range of improvements and game depth. The sequel will be in the same tone, with a early access planned for second quarter 2024 ! If you like roguelite, this is not to be missed!

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Ravens watch, the sublime French roguelite - 2024

Creator of the very good Curse of the dead gods, Ravenswatch invites you to embody the heroes of tales and legends in a sublime and difficult roguelite. Currently in early access, the release is planned for early or even mid 2024.

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Mayhem Brawler 2, the comic book style scroller - end of 2024

License a little less known but unique in the world of scrollers, Mayhem brawler offers a comics style in which you must choose your story. The design, the fights and the music are very neat and indicate only good things for the sequel, scheduled for the end of 2024. Remember to follow Mayhem Brawler 2 on Steam !

Stormgate - 2024

If you are passionate about RTS, Real-Time Strategy games, Stormgate should be familiar to you. Developed by Frost Giant, including a good part of the former Blizzard team, this RTS (Real Time Strategy) offers a revival of the strategy game, particularly following the absence of an announcement for Starcraft 3. We will have to wait for the Summer 2024 for early access!

Diablo 2 Resurrected - ?

To finish this selection and even if calm is an understatement for the content added to Diablo 2 Resurrected, we will follow the news on this hack and slash which is simply unique and incredible. Maybe 2024 will have a nice surprise in store for us!

What's is planned for SlashingCreeps

In 2023, it was the opportunity to cover Last Epoch, Diablo 4 and even indie gems! It was also the return of twitch channel, name change, a major redesign of the site and the opening of the English channel in order to improve the comfort of your use! In 2024, these games will all be covered by us, offering you builds and guides to help you! A year that promises to be exciting for video games, the hardest part will even be choosing!

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If you like video games, this selection of the best video games 2024, hack and slash, roguelite and indie would be perfect to guide you! A very busy year is ahead with nuggets for all tastes not to be missed!

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By Alchemists, November 2023

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