Anima The Reign of Darkness

Anima The Reign of Darkness, an oldschool hack & slash with a good progression system two simultaneous classes!


Anima 2021, the indie hack & slash test Anima 2021, the indie Hack & Slash test! 14/06/2021 Test Anima 2021: find the test of this Hack & Slash which has just been released, with an old school style and a long lifespan!


Build Archer Archery Anima 08/07/2021 Distance, speedfarm Build Archer Archery Speed, a build to complete Anima: equipment, bosses, stats, astralium and skills!
Build Endgame full content R20 + Anima Build Endgame R20+ Anima 03/07/2021 Mage Build Endgame full content R20 + Anima: an ultra powerful 50M dps build for all end game content up to R23, farm gold and TVI
Build warrior 350 m dps Anima R20 SlashingCreeps Build Warrior 350 M Dps R20 Anima 04/07/2021 End game, Warrior Build 350 m dps: a build allowing each attack to do a billion damage! Simple and fun to play on Anima The Reign of Darkness
Build Holiness Witchcraft Anima, damage and healing Build Holiness Sorcery Anima 15/06/2021 Mage Build Holiness Sorcery Anima: a build combining damage, mobility and healing! Passive tree, peeling and equipment!
Best Build Anima Mage farm R23 Best Build Anima Mage farm R23! 20/07/2021 End game, Mage, Premium Best Anima Mage Build: a build to speed farm in R20 or kill boss R23 in less than 30 seconds! The ultimate build of the game!
Build Necromancer Anima full content R20 Best Necromancer Anima Build 13/07/2021 Summons Necromancer Build: equipment, stats, skills to complete Anima's end game, The Reign of Darkness!


chronicon logo chronicon The ultra deep pixel hack and slash!
grim dawn logo SlashingCreeps Grim Dawn The top Hack And Slash in the Diablo line!
logo last epoch SlashingCreeps Last epoch The new Hack And Slash license!
The Slormancer SlashingCreeps Logo under menu The Slormancer The indie nugget of hack and slash!


Astralium Anima complete guide, all nodes Astralium Anima complete guide 28/06/2021 Liabilities, Tiers List Astralium Anima: to know all the nodes, the cost in gasoline and the powers to improve your astrium in the right order!
Craft Tiers and Resurrections Anima Reign of Darkness Craft Tiers Resurrect Guide on Anima 16/06/2021 Craft Craft, Tiers and Resurrections Anima Reign of Darkness: to create your great late game objects thanks to the crafting of the game!
Complete Guide Anima The Reign of Darkness! Worlds, classes, endgame, items, info and tips Anima The Reign of Darkness Guide 01/07/2021 Full Anima Complete Guide: Resurrections, quests, classes, stats, skills, altars, astralium, currency, game modes, levels, greed, ubers!
Complete Guide to Farming and Unblocking Anima Farming guide and Anima unlock 20/06/2021 Farm Farming Anima guide: find in this guide which instance to do and when to do them, as well as tips to unlock yourself!
Speed ​​xp 150 1h, Anima Triad Emblem Speed ​​xp 150 1h, Anima Triad Emblem 14/07/2021 Leveling Speed ​​xp Triad Emblem: how to mount a reroll character from level 1 to 150 in an hour on Anima and get the Triad emblem


Easy Cabalites and Fusion Hearts on Anima Cabalites and Fusion Hearts on Anima 22/06/2021 Equipment Anima cabalites and fusion hearts: a simple trick to easily recover these ultra expensive materials!
Convert your gold into obols, Anima arena trick Convert your gold into Anima obols 23/06/2021 Equipment Convert your gold into obolies on Anima: with this trick I explain how to simply change gold into obolies!
Emblem of Anima Power 14/07/2021 Equipment Emblem of power Anima: a trick to obtain the emblem of power and benefit from resistances and extra health!
Easy Farm Legendary Anima 19/06/2021 Farm Farm Legendaries Anima: a trick to collect legendaries in less than five minutes on Anima The Reign of Darkness
Legendary Tiers 6, farm T6 Anima Legendary Tiers 6, farm the T6 Anima! 25/06/2021 Equipment Tiers VI Anima: how to get the legendary, set and astral T6 from the Anima end game without having to struggle too much with this guide!
Third Party, Resurrection, Monster Levels Anima The Reign of Darkness Tiers, Resurrection, Anima monsters 29/06/2021 Leveling Third parties, Resurrection, Anima monster levels: a summary table providing a good understanding of the links from R1 to R22!


Item Enchantments and Secret Forgotten Realms Anima Secret Enchantments 27/06/2021 Equipment Enchant Items: How to Collect Enchantments via Secret Realms to increase the power of your gear!
Kingdom of Greed Anima 23/06/2021 Instance Kingdom of Avarice Anima: how to get there, how to proceed and legendaries galore explained in this video!
Uber Anima The Reign of Darkness, guide and drop Uber Anima The Reign of Darkness 25/06/2021 Boss Uber Anima The Reign of Darkness: find out how to face them, as well as the difficulty and the loot of these bosses!