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Blade Assault, discover our test, guide and all the information on this brand new 2D scroller roguelite!


Blade Assault, Rogue-lite, Scroller and Pixel Art A game in 60 seconds 4 Blade Assault, the pixel scroller! 22/01/2022 Roguelite Level up your character and triumph over the Blade Assault pixel art roguelite scroller! Discover it in 60 seconds, edition #4!
TEST Blade Assault, super rogue-lite scroller Blade Assault review, roguelite scroller 25/07/2021 Pre-release, Roguelite, scroller, Test Blade Assault TEST: find our test of this new rogue-lite in 2D scroller in a neo-futuristic universe!


Build Kil Blade Assault Sword 100% crit Build Blade Assault Kil 27/07/2021 Warrior Build Kil Sword Blade Assault: Passives, Improved Sword, Hearts, and Items to crit to 100% and finish the game!
Finish Blade Assault easily, the best build and complete guide to finish the game easily Finish Blade Assault easily! 20/01/2022 Full, End game Build, trick and gameplay to finish Blade Assault very easily and literally ridicule the biggest enemies and bosses!


Base Hotel Nautilus Blade Assault Submarine Base, hotel and Nautilus Blade Assault 29/07/2021 Instance Base Hotel Submarine Nautilus Blade Assault, discover in this guide the complete course of the game and its rest areas!
All Boss Blade Assault, The Four Guide; jpg Boss Blade Assault 30/07/2021 Boss Boss Blade Assault: find in this guide the four bosses and how to beat them more easily, even at a high level of assault!
Blade Assault Guide to Know Everything Blade Assault Guide 26/07/2021 Full Guide Blade Assault, attacks, currencies, rewards, item types, characters, risk level, customization and more!
Blade Assault NPC, Order of Relations Blade Assault NPC, Order of Relations 27/07/2021 NPC PNJ Blade Assault, the good order guide to improve character relationships in an optimized way!


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