All Bravery and Greed Tarot Cards

All Bravery & Greed Cards

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How to unlock all the Bravery and Greed tarot cards, The Moon, Judgment, The Sun... All 22 cards!

All Bravery and Greed Tarot Cards

Bravery and Greed tarot cards, conditions and effects

Find the effects and how to unlock the 22 Tarot cards of Bravery and Greed! You have the gold bonus in brackets for each card concerned.

Map unblock Effet
The Crazy lose a game

Resurrect for 30% of your gold

Strength (40%) Do 50 damage in one game

Gauntlets may have additional ability
35% more monster damage

The fool Follow each lane once

The sphinx is in the ice cave

The hanged man Offer 5000 life points to the god of death

The Altar of Sacrifice is in the Necropolis
Chests contain less food but more gold and equipment

The High Priestess Cast 20 spells in one game

Each player starts with a random spell wand
Wands can no longer be obtained

Death (40%) Survive with 100 life

Death spawns and hits all targets

The Empress Free 10 prisoners

The Fountain of Youth is found in the Underground Jungle
Minions gain 10% health and damage after each fight

Temperance Accumulate six potions

Potions have lane related effects

The emperor Kill the Dwarf King

A room with a chest guarded by dwarves

The Devil (20%) Kill an enemy with the death card

Attracts gold further
Loses protection and increases speed when picking up gold

Pope Complete two levels without choosing a path

Resurrect for 30% of your gold

The House of God (30%) Kill 50 enemies

Monsters roam the dungeon

The Lover (20%) Open a chest

Players share the same life
Minions can rob you of life

The Star (20%) Kill 20 rolling worms

You lose gold when you get knocked down

The Chariot (20%) Finish a level in 8 minutes

You have to win fights fast
Movement speed increased

The moon Release the dragon at the end of the game

You can explore more difficult dungeons

Justice (30%) Kill 500 monsters

Elite mobs spawn and give 3% max health

The Sun (40%) Kill 15 monsters with barrels

corpses explode

The Hermit Fully explore 5 levels

Heals by discovering areas
Food healing is less effective

The Judgment (40%) Kill each boss three times

Bosses have more life
6% damage after killing a boss

The Wheel of Fortune Obtain the Lucky Deal talents and Gift of Chaos (Chaos path)

Wheel of Fortune in Magma Pools
Better chance of getting good equipment

The World (30%) Complete the game

A room with a chest guarded by monsters

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You can easily unlock all the cards of Bravery and Greed! All you have to do is try to finish the game by activating them all!

Bravery and Greed SlashingCreeps submenu

By Alchemists, February 2023