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Chronicon is a super HnS playable up to 4 in coop, and very complete! All our guides and tutorials to complete the game!


chronicon game test Chronicon test, the pixel hack & slash 25/06/2020 Coop, HnS, India, Pixel Art, Test Chronicon test: a very good pixel art hack & slash, playable by four people in coop! Dynamic and with a very long lifespan!


berzerker chronicon build Best Chronicon Berserker Build 13/07/2020 End game, Warrior Best Build Chronicon Berserker, ice and fire combined with lightning speed and AOE to destroy Mythic 15!
templar mythic 15 chronicon Best Chronicon Templar Build 29/06/2020 Warrior Best Chronicon Templar Build: Ridicule the mythic XV with this utlra tanky, aggro, fast clear and big DPS build!
warden mythic 15 chronicon Best Build Chronicon Warden 07/07/2020 Distance, End game Best Build Chronicon Warden, explode enemies and bosses in 30 seconds with this build hitting up to 300 billion! Ride on Mythic 15!
warlock mythic 15 chronicon Best Chronicon Warlock Build 07/07/2020 End game, Mage Best Build Chronicon Warlock, a mage with 500k pv and 500 million aoes, to easily destroy the mythic 15 and endless!


guide complete craft chronicon Craft Chronicon enchantment guide 25/06/2020 Craft, Premium Craft Chronicon complete guide: know everything to craft and transmute super powerful stuff and complete the last levels of Mythic!
complete guide chronicon Chronicon game guide 13/07/2020 Full Chronicon Guide: stats, items, runes, npc, currencies, spells, passives, masteries, transmutation, story mode and late game!


keras shady dealer chronicon Keras Shady Dealer, the NPC! 08/07/2020 NPC Keras Shady Dealer Chronicon, you sometimes come across it in your maps, but how to find it and is it worth it?
power level chronicon Power Level Chronicon 13/07/2020 Leveling Rise your second character in less than 5 minutes level 100! Then give him 200 masteries in 5 min!


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