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Best Build Chronicon Warden

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Best Build Chronicon Warden, explode enemies and bosses in 30 seconds with this build hitting up to 300 billion! Ride on Mythic 15!

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This build uses the power of the Warden's Lightning set, to proc hits over 200 billion. You will therefore melt enemies and bosses. The sustain part is managed by dodging and the appearance of globes, so you will have no trouble taking very big aggro in Mythic 15 and endless.
Currently my record is 280 Billion solo, do not hesitate to post screenshots of your biggest damage!


Here are the stats to have for this build. These are the ones you will get by taking the same stuff / liabilities.

  • life: 100k
  • evasion: 50% +
  • damage reduced: 50% +
  • resistance to everything: 80% (in Mythic 15)
  • damage stagerred: 50% +
  • Cooldown: 50% +
  • Critical chance: 5% (via anneuau jeopardy)
  • Critical damage: 500% + (increases to 800%)
  • Damage: 30k +
  • Overpower: 50% +
  • Lightning damage: 500% +

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Spells, Passives and Masteries

Below are the spells to take:

  • Root veil: heal + shield to be activated permanently
  • Sparkies: buff heal + damage, no need to activate
  • Escape: damage buff, resistance, mobility, to activate every 3 seconds
  • Charged arrow: your self-attack
  • Lightning arrow: your first DPS
  • Thunder shot: your second DPS


Below the equipment, beware it requires 3 greater runes, so don't hesitate to farm before you start Mythic 15!

  • Stormcaller set helmet with greater rune Weiryck Crown
    • set + stats with gems
  • Balgar's binding of the forest accessory with greater rune lethal mobility
    • staggered damage + damage buff
  • Tear of the Arch Druid amulet with storm pendant
    • big dps buff
  • Arrow set stormcaller with thunderpoint rune
    • static buff
  • Arc set Stormcaller with focused lightninh
    • lightning chain multiplier when not bouncing
  • Stormcaller armor set with rune elegance
    • dodge buff and globes proc
  • Battle boots with rune stagger
    • buff defense + stagger
  • Ring Jeopardy with Kingsrock
    • critical buff with gem buff

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Destroy everything very quickly
- A very good sustain for a range
- Quite fast for speed farm

- The damage in hundreds of billions not displayed 🙁


  • 0.98: creation
Alchemists SlashingCreeps

If you want to play "who has the biggest", this build is ideal! Joking aside, you can destroy everything very quickly with this best build Chronicon Warden. It will also combine very well with a aggro build of this type !

By Alchemists, July 2020

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