Assassin Endgame Diablo 2 Resurrected Split P7 with little equipment

Assassin Endgame Martial Arts Diablo 2

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To easily farm in Hell zone terror or split 7 Diablo 2 Resurrected with the assassin Martial Arts Fire Lightning Ice Physics!

  • Intro Sponsors: (00:00)
  • Assassin Endgame Martial Arts Diablo 2 Resurrected, the split farm without big runic words: (00:12)
  • Why play Assassin Martial Arts :(00:30)
  • Attributes strength, dexterity, vitality and energy: (01:05)
  • Easy to swap and powerful gear: (01:21)
  • Skills : (03:13)
  • Speedfarm Zone of Terror Gameplay: (04:02)
  • Gameplay Split Farm The Pit at 7: (07:47)
  • Don't forget to follow the channel, thank you! :(11:58)

  • Endgame Martial Arts Assasin Diablo 2 Resurrected, split farm 7 without big runewords: (00:00)
  • Why playing Martial Arts Assassin: (00:15)
  • Strength, dexterity, vitality and energy: (00:43)
  • Cheap and strong equipment: (00:56)
  • Skill setup: (02:19) Mercenaries: (02:40)
  • Terror Zone 88 gameplay: (02:56)
  • Split Farm P7 The Pit: (06:40)
  • Don't forget to follow the channel, thanks! :(10:46)

Principle of the build

Here is how the build works:

  • you have three elemental damage to deal with immunes, fire lightning and ice
  • you have a little physical damage in order to have life steal, mana and apply Crushing Blow
  • you take advantage of very affordable exchanges to equip a martial art assassin, including martial art charms
  • with very little equipment you can split at 3, on video split at 7

Leveling phase

If you want to start your character from scratch, it's very simple with this build. follow the leader leveling assassin martial arts Diablo 2 Resurrected !


Throughout the entire guide, here are the stats:

  • Strength: 105 for jade heels
  • Dexterity: between 130 and 150
  • Vitality: everything else
  • Energy: nothing


Here are the items to collect:

  • Bartuc and Talon de Jade
  • Vipermagi, Smoke then Fortitude
  • Shako or Circlet 30% movement speed
  • rare amulet or Mara
  • raven and bul kathos rings
  • belt ear necklace or arach
  • gore riders boots
  • gloves 20% attack speed and 3 in martial arts
  • fill your inventory with martial arts charms, a torch and annihilus

Final skills

Here are the skills:

  • 20 points in Phoenix Strike and its three synergies
  • one point in all passives and combo release
  • the rest in claw mastery for attack score

Mercenary Farm Hell

Here are the equipment then those that you will have to have later on the mercenary act 2 which increases your attack score:

  • Insight or a weapon that hits hard then Infinity
  • Treachery then Fortitude
  • stolen life helmet then Face of Andariel

Infinity will clearly be the biggest boost for your character, as you lower all three elements and defense!


Here are some gameplays with this character:

  • Split farm the pit in P7, you have plenty of damage and resistance, just beware of curses which increase your damage received!
  • Terrorized Zone 88, you can snipe elite enemies very effectively! I also show you the resistance of the character against Hephastos level 88.

Alchemists dm gaming

If you are looking for a character that is easy to equip, very fun to play and powerful to farm in Diablo 2 Resurrected Hell, whether solo in a terrorized zone or in a split, the martial art assassin will meet all these criteria!

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By Alchemists, November 2022

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