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How to exchange an item in five minutes on D2JSP, the key principles and very simply sell your drops on Diablo 2 Resurrected!

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In a few words, what is D2JSP?

Here are the main lines of D2JSP:

  • it is a forum for exchange between players, all exchanges are object (or service) against the currency of the forum, the FG Forum Gold
  • there are more offers and requests than on other sites, such as Traderie for example, so you will have a smooth and fair price, as well as an ease of sale and purchase
  • one of the players will necessarily have to give his object and the FGs first, he is the one who has the least "trusted" account on the three criteria:
    • number of messages
    • fg number
    • date of arrival on the forum
  • you also have other games, the main activity being however largely on Diablo 2
  • overall, this is the best way to trade on D2R

How to sell an item very quickly?

Purchasing items is quite simple, you will always have several sellers willing to trade you the item they want to get rid of. It's usually a lot harder to sell unless you follow this method:

  1. Search for your item in the search bar, keeping in mind the main stats, especially if one of your items has a perfect stat, for example:
    • vipermagi resistance and mdr / que-hegan defense and mdr
  2. Look at the buy AND sell prices to get an idea of ​​your item, also look at the number of posts to buy against the number to sell, the more posts there are to sell the more you will have to lower your price in order to get your share.
  3. Create a topic with "O objectname stats vs X FG", if necessary add additional information in the description.
  4. Then go to search again, selecting "ISO" (In Search Of) and type in your item. Then post a message with your subject on all the topics that match.
  5. Remember to wait one to two minutes if someone posts on topic (no more, no less), this will bring them to the top of the list
  6. You should receive a message within five to ten minutes

Alchemists dm gaming

You can therefore easily exchange your items, which is particularly interesting to sell all your drops at the start of the Diablo 2 Resurrected season on D2JSP, the purchase prices being completely crazy and dropping very quickly! Remember to be fast and on the lookout!

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By Alchemists, October 2022

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