The best classes in Diablo 4

Best Diablo 4 Classes

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The best Diablo 4 classes, to choose between necromancer, druid, sorcerer, rogue or barbarian to start the game off right!

The best classes in Diablo 4


The barbarian is a melee character with good resistance, good physical damage and very useful team spells. It's a very interesting class if you want to play the role of the offensive tank for high level dungeons. He can also use thorn and bleed damage.

The more you play with a weapon, the more you increase its level of mastery. You can then choose as you see fit a mastery that will give a buff for your entire kit, for example the sword which makes your character inflict bleeding or the ax which increases your damage on vulnerable targets. Keep in mind that this buff is valid for all weapons you use.


The druid is a very complete character, who can orient himself in many ways. You have physical, lightning, summoning and transformation spells in Wolf and Bear. Be careful if you mix the specialties not to lose power.

You improve your stats through offerings to spirits, wolf, deer, eagle, and snake. You can choose one blessing per spirit, so it will be interesting to upgrade each spirit to choose the appropriate blessing.


The necromancer can be played in four ways, Shadow, Blood or Bone spell caster and Summoner. The shadow version will be perfect for applying damage and debuff, bone for damage and blood for resistance. Summons are redesigned with a book of the dead system allowing you to customize your skeletons and golems.

With each level you can change the type of skeleton or golem, the golem unlocking after a quest and level 19. If you choose not to summon, you will gain spell bonuses instead.


The thief is one of the ranged or melee DPS classes. Its damage is physical, poison and shadow. You will enjoy good mobility and good area or single target damage on bosses.

You can choose one of three specializations, one of combo which boosts your skills after several auto-attacks, one of vision which allows you to keep your energy and the last preparation for the reduction of the cooldown of the ultimate and your SKILLS.


The Sorcerer is one of the DPS class, orienting towards three elements. You can choose between Fire, Cold and Lightning, Fire focused on burning, Cold on the barrier and control, Lightning on critical. The sorcerer offers dynamic gameplay aimed at experienced players.

You can choose two spells to enchant, allowing you to give an additional effect to these spells or gain a passive that you can change as you see fit.

Best Diablo 4 Classes

In conclusion, here is which class to choose:

  • To play as a team, the Barbarian
  • To start playing with complete peace of mind, the Necromancer
  • To play DPS, poison thief or sorcerer

Alchemists dm gaming

Choosing the right class in an MMORPG is very important, Diablo 4 endgame activities being very long to reach, it will take you a long time if you want to make another character! This guide will allow you to choose the best classes in Diablo 4!

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By Alchemists, May 2023

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