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Diablo 4 Blood Necromancer Build

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The blood mage necromancer build on Diablo 4! Lifesteal, Fortification and Overwhelm to easily kill enemies and bosses!

Principle of the build and skills

What this build is based on:

  • the drain of life, fortification and overwhelm
  • good single target and boss damage
  • pure physical damage, there is no damage over time

Skills :

  • Bloodletting - Hemorrhage: essence, blood orb and fortify
  • Blood Surge - Blood Surge: damage, healing and overwhelming
  • Blood Mist - Blood Mist: defensive spell
  • Decrepify - Decrepify: debuff
  • Blood Golem - Blood Golem: to take aggro
  • Blood Wave - Blood Wave: ultimate spell

Skill Order

Here is the order of the skills with the total number of points invested in brackets, or find the diablo 4 blood necromancer build :

  1. Bloodletting (1) and gas gain (2)
  2. Blood Rush (3), Heal and Overwhelm (4) (5)
  3. Bloodletting gives fortification (6)
  4. Blood Mist (7), overwhelm and fortify (8) (9)
  5. Blood Flow (10 to 13)
  6. Decay, chance to stun and kill at 10% (14 to 16)
  7. Bloodletting (17 to 19)
  8. Passives near Bone Spirit, 1 point in healing, three in damage when high life (21 to 24)
  9. Blood ultimate and associated passives (25 to 27)
  10. Bloodletting (28)
  11. Passives near ultimate, reduced damage and effects of sacrifices (29 to 34)
  12. Blood Mist (35, 36)
  13. Blood Ultimate Passive (37)
  14. Blood Mist (38, 39)
  15. Passives close to curse, damage to cursed enemies and damage to distant enemies (40 to 45)
  16. Decay (46 to 49)
  17. Passives near Bone Spirit, overwhelm damage and life drain on lucky hit (50 to 55)
  18. Passives Near Ultimate, Attack Speed


For the book of the dead, take:

  • Skirmisher Skeleton Warrior sacrifice, crit chance
  • Bone Skeleton Mages sacrifice, overwhelm damage
  • Blood Golem with increased damage dealt and reduced damage taken

Equipment and statistics

Here are the statistics to collect in priority:

  • intelligence for skill damage and dexterity for critical chance
  • reviews
  • life and depression
  • anything related to physical damage


You can also combine Blood Mist with Corpse Blast, thanks to O Stilgar O for the idea!

Alchemists dm gaming

This blood spell caster Necromancer build on Diablo 4 will allow you to combine damage and resistance, for very easy leveling and smooth farming at the end of the game!

Diablo 4 submenu

By Alchemists, May 2023

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