BUILD NECRO CANCH SHADOW DIABLO 4 Season 4, for all endgame activities, without moving

Build Necro Blight

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The Diablo IV Season 5 necromancer shadow blight build for Uber Lilith, pit 100+ and Uber boss 200 in endgame!

Build Necro Shadow Canker Diablo 4 Season 4 00:00

Principle of the build

This build is built on the following key points:

  • a lot of shadow damage over time with the Percebene and Blight amulet
  • very good resistance with Bone Storm permanently

Note that Macabre Explosion, Bone Storm converted into shadow or Blood Mist which makes a soiled ground only brings very little damage in the build and it is much more interesting to maximize your canker damage.


Here are the skills:

  • Summon Skeleton
  • Summon Golem
  • Corpse Tendrils, groups together enemies
  • Decrepify, cooldown and enemy damage reduction
  • Blood Mist, invulnerability
  • Army of the Dead, ultimate

Equipment and statistics

Here are the objects with their associated affixes:

Equipment Look Basic affixes Hardening

Shako, aspect of emptiness while waiting




Protective Storm

Intelligence, life, essence per second

Life, size Tendrils Necrophagous


Bone Flood

Canker, intelligence, damage over time

Shadow damage over time, decay duration


Hardened bone

Armor, intelligence, life

Shadow damage over time, Decay size



Intelligence, life, movement speed

Movement speed, Necrophagous Tendril size

Two-handed weapon


Intelligence, damage, damage over time

Shadow damage over time, chance of blight


Acceleration and inner calm or damned

Intelligence, damage over time, attack speed

Shadow damage, resource cost






For the book of the dead, take:

  • Reapers sacrificed for shadow damage
  • Cold Mage sacrificed for vulnerable damage
  • Blood or Bone Golem sacrificed for life or attack speed


Find the skill tree and the paragon on the Builder Necromancer Shadow Blight Diablo 4.


Find below the build versions and modifications:

  • 1.5: no change, even if the appearance on Canker works differently, the build remains the same
  • 1.4: creation

This Diablo 4 shadow necromancer endgame build will allow you to kill all the uber bosses 200, uber Lilith and make the pit at level 100 without any difficulty!

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