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Diablo 4 submenu

To be the master of the skeletons and the book of the dead of the Necromancer of Diablo 4, this guide uses the power of invocations!

For the midgame around T3, take this build midgame summon Necromancer Diablo 4.

Principle of the build and skills

What is this build based on:

  • summons and their boost
  • good single target damage and very good area damage with the morbid explosion
  • shadow, physical and corpse damage

Skills :

  • Decomposition - Decompose: generates essence, creates a corpse and increases the damage of summons
  • Baneling - Blight: uses essence and spell damage and increases summon damage
  • Macabre Explosion - Corpse Explosion: area damage spell, uses a corpse
  • Skeleton Raise - Raise Skeleton: our melee and mage skeletons
  • Golem: the summoning of Golem, you can also replace it with a curse if you prefer
  • Army of the Dead - Army of the Dead: our ultimate fate

Skill Order

Here is the order of the skills with the total number of points invested in brackets:

  1. Decay (1) and Gasoline Gain (2)
  2. Blight (3), slows down and increases the damage dealt by your summons (4) (5)
  3. Decay increases the damage dealt by your summons (6)
  4. Macabre Explosion (7), increased radius and increased damage (8) (9)
  5. Macabre Blast (10 to 13)
  6. Passive near Morbid Blast, mastery of skeletons (14 to 16)
  7. Passive near curses, mastery of mage skeletons (17 to 19)
  8. Passive near Morbid Explosion, 1 essence regeneration and 3 damage after corpse (20 to 23)
  9. Army of the dead, leaves corpses and summons your warriors (24 to 26)
  10. Passives near Bone Spirit, one point speed, six in additional shadow damage (27 to 33)
  11. Ultimate Passive for Shadow Bonus Damage (34)
  12. Canker (35 to 38)
  13. Decay (39 to 42)
  14. Passives near Bone Spirit for fortification by creating a corpse (43 to 45)
  15. Passives near curses for damage to distant enemies (46 to 48)
  16. Passives near ultimate, damage when near, attack speed and resistances (49 to 57)
  17. Passives near Blight, create corpse (58 to 60)
  1. Decomposition (1)
  2. Canker (1)
  3. n / A
  4. Macabre Blast (1)
  5. Macabre Blast (2 to 5)
  6. n / A
  7. n / A
  8. n / A
  9. Army of the Dead (1)
  10. n / A
  11. n / A
  12. Canker (2 to 5)
  13. Decay (2 to 5)
  14. n / A
  15. n / A
  16. n / A
  17. n / A


As long as you don't have the shadow passives, point 27 to 33 you can choose which summons you want. Then take:

  • Skeleton Warrior Skirmisher, critical chance
  • Shadow Skeleton Mage, additional shadow trait
  • Steel Golem, which makes enemies vulnerable

Equipment and statistics

Here are the statistics to collect in priority:

  • intelligence for skill damage and dexterity for critical chance
  • reviews
  • resistors
  • anything related to summons and shadow damage

Alchemists dm gaming

If you want to play a Diablo 4 Summon Necromancer, this build will allow you to easily kill enemies and bosses of the game. You will also have good resistance and often corpses to use the morbid explosion or redo your summons!

Diablo 4 submenu

By Alchemists, March 2023

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