Build Bleeding Barbarian DIablo 4, the breaking power

Build Barbarian Bleed Diablo 4

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The best Diablo 4 support barbarian build, to be the ideal team character and bring many buffs to your allies!

Principle of the build and skills

What this build is based on:

  • using Barbarian Shouts for your team
  • crowd control with chains
  • a very resistant person and a little damage for the solo phases

Skills for the Barbarian Support build:

  • Flay - Flay: Generates Fury and Bleed
  • Waterspout - Whirlwind: our damage spell that also applies bleeding
  • Rallying Cry - Rallying Cry: increases speed, makes allies unstoppable and generates resources
  • Rupture: removes bleeding by applying full damage over time
  • Iron Maelstrom - Iron Maelstrom: ultimate damage skill
  • Bond - Leap: for mobility

You can also opt for a defensive skill in place of Rallying Cry or take War Cry and Tear in place of Storm. If you play thorn afterwards, take the taunt. Rip providing better bleed damage but less area than Trombe.

Skill Order

Here is the order of skills to take:

  1. Skinning, Vulnerability, and Bleeding Damage
  2. Tear or Waterspout
  3. Rallying Cry, War Cry or Taunt if you play thorn
  4. Bond
  5. Maelstrom
  6. Ultimate Bleed Passive
  7. Fury and Vulnerable gain passives near your main skill
  8. Resistance and thorn passives near the Rallying Cry
  9. Damage passives near Rupture
  10. Critical Hit Chance Passive Near Ultimate


Take the Two-Handed Sword Specialization to increase your bleed damage.

Equipment and statistics

Here are the statistics to collect in priority:

  • strength and dexterity
  • bleeding and physical damage
  • Thorn
  • resistors

Alchemists dm gaming

This Diablo 4 barbarian build will allow you to inflict very good bleeding on bosses and enemies, whether via your skills or thorns. You will have a lot of damage for very good resistance!

Diablo 4 submenu

By Alchemists, March 2023

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