Diablo 4 armor, damage and defenses, vulnerability, overwhelm, lucky hit

Diablo 4 damage system

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Diablo 4 submenu

Armor, contribution, elements, lucky hit, vulnerability, overwhelm Diablo 4, to understand attack and defense!

Stats and Attack Mechanics

Here are the elements of the game:

  • Physical
  • Feu
  • Lightning
  • Cold
  • Poison
  • Shadow

Here's everything related to your damage:

  • weapon damage, weapon speed and attack speed
  • critical hit chance and critical damage
  • overpower chance and overpower damage, you do bonus damage based on your life
  • extra damage to vulnerable enemies
  • global bonus damage, bonus to near and far enemies, bonus to elites (includes players, champions, elites, bosses)
  • increased damage on CC enemies

You can also :

  • do a lucky hit to kill an already wounded enemy (does not work on boss, elite or player)
  • have a damage return via the thorn

Defense Stats & Mechanics, Diablo 4 Armor & Elemental Defense

Here is everything related to your defense:

  • life, your health total
  • armor, your reduction in damage taken
  • chance to dodge, the attack will not do any damage
  • resistance to each element
  • armor contribution

The armor contribution helps in part resisting the elements. That is to say that a portion of the damage inflicted by an element will be absorbed first by the armor, then by the elemental resistance.

Alchemists dm gaming

If you're looking to optimize your build or kill players on Diablo 4, this will give you a better understanding of damage application and absorption!

Diablo 4 submenu

By Alchemists, March 2023

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