Diablo 4 Skins, Burning, and Codex

Diablo 4 Skins, Burning, and Codex

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To avoid wasting your legendaries, understand the extraction of power, their number of uses and the codex on Diablo 4!

The difference between a legendary power and the codex

In order not to waste your legendaries and their powers, you must absolutely understand the difference between engraving and codex:

  • the legendary powers on the objects have a share of variability, making them more or less powerful
  • codex legendary powers are automatically the weakest possible version of that power
  • the number of powers of the codex is very limited, unlike those of extremely developed legendaries
  • Objects unique have powers only obtainable on them and related to the object

So, if you have an off-codex legendary power with a good value on it, you absolutely have to keep it safe.

Be very careful burning a power!

To avoid losing a very interesting power, keep this in mind:

  • the legendary aspect can only be used once, if you then change the object it will not be possible to recover this power, you will have to drop it again
  • if you use an engraving, whether it comes from the codex or from an aspect, you destroy the existing legendary power, make sure you don't need it in your build

Remember to activate the mins and max to know if your legendary is interesting, thanks to the YouTube comment!

Alchemists dm gaming

You will therefore have to think carefully before burning a powerful legendary power in one of your objects on Diablo 4. If you ever have any doubts, put your item in your trunk and take the time to think about it!

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By Alchemists, June 2023

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