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Diablo 4 open world, currencies, merchants, classes, paragon, specialization, NPC merchants, PvP, guild, shop, complete beginner's guide!

Classes, Specialization, Skills, and Tiers

Five classes are playable, Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Sorcerer, and Rogue. For each class, from your level 15 you will receive a specialization quest, except the Necromancer who can use it level 19. Once completed, you will unlock the specialization in order to improve certain traits of your character. You can find the details of these specializations in our Diablo 4 class guide.

You will unlock the levels of new skills as you go along, by spending points:

  • 2
  • 4, total 6
  • 5, total 11
  • 5, total 16
  • 7, total 23, ultimate active
  • 10, total 33, ultimate passive

Once the max level is reached, currently 50, you will unlock the Paragon system. You will be able to improve your character's overall power through a glyph system. A complete guide will be dedicated to this complex system.


Here are the attributes and their usefulness, be careful they change according to the class. Your character's primary stat will be one that increases skill damage.

Attribute Barbarian Druid Necromancer sorcerer Voleur
Strength Armor
Skill damage
Armor Armor Armor Armor
Intelligence Coils Coils
Skill damage
Skill damage
Critical Chance
Will Happiness
overwhelm damage
overwhelm damage
Skill damage
overwhelm damage
overwhelm damage
overwhelm damage
Dexterity Critical Chance
Dodge chance
Critical Chance
Dodge chance
Critical Chance
Dodge chance
Critical Chance
Dodge chance
Skill damage
Dodge chance

Diablo 4 open world and difficulty

Diablo 4 is on an open-world model, so you'll encounter players in town and while killing creeps. It's exactly the same principle as Diablo Immortal. You will also be able to make vents in this world and access dungeons, fairly long instances or landmarks, an area to clean, with of course rewards. Once you have explored a region and its vents, you will unlock exploration rewards. These are shared to all your realm characters (e.g. softcore or hardcore) and are highly recommended to do. You can also find Lilith statues for permanent global buffs (+2 in strength for example).

You can change the difficulty of the game, in order to have better rewards. Apart from the two basic levels, the others are unlocked by completing the story. The difficulty change can be done at the statue in the main town.

  • Adventure or Expertise, basic levels
  • Nightmare, from level 50
  • Hell, from level 60
  • Torment, from level 70, with different tiers

Note that the levels are indexed on your character, so you can play with a level 70 while being level 10, however it will be impossible to access a difficulty unlocked by another player without having unlocked it yourself. The exception is possible if you go too far in the map, the level will be higher than yours. You will also be able to face the bosses of the world events, as soon as you can go to do them! They appear at specific locations on the map and will give you great rewards. You will also have a weekly system, encouraging to kill each world boss at least once a week.

In any case, exploring the world and doing the activities once will be crucial, because in addition to rewards like gold, you'll collect skill and attribute points for all your characters! Thanks to Did Astran for the map!

Waypoint Diablo 4 mapTeleport portals on the map


  • Gold: the main currency, to buy, extract, repair, etc.
  • Obols: to buy random items
  • Red Dust: PvP currency, to buy items, scrolls, etc.


Here are the different gems and their powers:

Gem Poor Armor Accessories
Amethyst Damage over time Reduced damage over time Shade Resistance
Emerald Critical damage on vulnerable Thorns Poison Resistances
Ruby Overwhelm Damage Fri Fire resistance
Topaz Basic spell damage Damage reduced under CC lightning resistance
Sapphire Critical Damage Under CC Enemies Reduced damage while fortified Cold resistance
Diamond Ultimate Skill Damage Barrier Generation Resistance to the elements
Crane heal on kill Increased healing received Armor

Diablo 4 Stable Master and Mount NPC

The world of Diablo 4 is vast, get a mount as soon as possible. You will find it near the NPC and will have to complete a level 15 quest. You can then call it whatever you want and get off to attack the enemies. You can also jump while attacking from the mount, but this will put your mount on cooldown.

Diablo 4 Blacksmith and Recycling NPCs

The blacksmith is one of the NPCs in the game, here is what you can do:

  • recycle your objects, to recover materials
  • upgrade your items, which increases their power

Diablo 4 Alchemist and Potion NPC

The alchemist is one of the NPCs in the game, here's what you can do:

  • improve your potion, you have a unique potion skill that will be improved to heal you better
  • crafting elixirs
  • craft incense
  • refine your resources

Diablo 4 Jeweler NPC

The jeweler is one of the NPCs in the game, here is what you can do:

  • add holes and remove gems
  • create gems
  • improve your accessories

Diablo 4 Occultist NPC

The occultist is one of the NPCs in the game, here is what you can do:

  • extract and imbue legendary powers, aspects
  • change an affix of a rare or legendary item
  • create and recycle sigils, endgame dungeons

Diablo 4 Weapons, Armor, Scrolls, and Jewelry Merchants

Several other merchants will offer their services to you, for gold. Every stock is temporarily updated, except the curiosity merchant:

  • the weapons dealer, to equip weapons
  • the armor merchant, to equip all pieces of armor
  • the scroll merchant, to teleport your team to you or return to the start of the dungeon
  • the accessory merchant, for rings and amulets
  • the curiosity merchant, random items for obols


You can join a guild on Diablo 4, up to 150 players. Currently there is no bonus to be in the guild, but rather a list of friends to find you.


Diablo 4 features a PvP system. You will have specific areas on the way out of town where players can compete. These areas allow you to collect seeds of hatred and then convert them into Red Dust. If you die, you lose your inventory and collected Seeds of Hatred, so be very careful! Currently there is no arena system or PvP matchmaking.

Real Money Shop

The shop currently offers skins for classes and mounts. It does not currently grant an in-game boost. Once your purchase is complete, you can equip your skin via the wardrobe, located right next to the chest. A battle pass is also planned, which should also be only on cosmetics.

Types of damage, attack and defense

To understand how to apply damage, types and defense mechanisms, find our complete guide to the Diablo 4 damage system.

Alchemists dm gaming

If you want to understand all of Diablo 4, this guide will make it easy to know everything you need to know about the game! This will avoid being lost at the beginning, in particular by the open world MMO aspect which can confuse players of the Diablo license.

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By Alchemists, March 2023

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