Build Diablo 4 melee rogue, the melee king

Diablo 4 Melee Rogue Build

Rogue Diablo 4 submenu

Diablo 4 submenu

The Diablo 4 melee thief build to kill your enemies with daggers and swords, enjoy very good mobility, DPS and resistance!

Principle of the build and skills

What this build is based on:

  • physical damage and shadow melee
  • lots of area and single target damage
  • very good mobility
  • lots of critical chance and critical damage

Thief Skills:

  • Passage de Lame - Blade Shift: resource and mobility generator
  • Flurry - Flurry: primary damage spell
  • Shadow Step - Shadow Step: debuff
  • Dark Shroud - Dark Shroud: Defensive Skill
  • Shadow Imbuement - Shadow Imbuement: damage boost
  • Shadow Clone - Shadow Clone: ​​ultimate skill

Skill Order

Here is the order of skills with the total number of points invested in brackets, which you will find on the arc thief build :

  1. Blade Shift (1), reduced speed and damage (2) (3)
  2. Flurry (4), liabilities related to vulnerability (5) (6)
  3. Shadow Step (7), Crit Chance and Stun (8) (9)
  4. Flurry (10 to 13)
  5. Dusk Shroud, passive and critical chance (14 to 16)
  6. Coated in Shadow, critical chance and vulnerable (17 to 19)
  7. Blade Shift (20 to 23)
  8. Shadow Clone Ultimate Skill and Passives (26 to 28)
  9. Coated with Shadow (29 to 32)
  10. Dusk Shroud (33 to 36)
  11. Passive Ultimate, reduced damage, speed and energy (37)
  12. Dusk Shroud (38)
  13. Passives near Flurry, reduced damage, healing on critical, movement speed (39 to 44)
  14. Shadow Coating ready passives, coating crits (45 to 47)
  15. Passives near Dusk Shroud, damage enemies with life and vulnerability (48 to 53)
  16. Passives ready for Shadow Step, weapon mastery (54 to 56)
  17. The rest in Shadow Step

Equipment and statistics

Here are the statistics to collect in priority:

  • intelligence for critical chance and dexterity for skill damage
  • damage, resistances and critical hits
  • physical or shadow damage


Take combo points to boost the damage of your skills.

Alchemists dm gaming

This Diablo 4 melee thief build will allow you to have a very resistant character while being ultra mobile and with very good damage! The perfect build for melee play on Diablo 4!

Diablo 4 submenu

By Alchemists, March 2023

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3 months ago

well I'm starting on d4, I'm going to test your build by leveling :p
It might be good to put a link to a talent calculator to have the full build, or do you prefer people to go to your video?

3 months ago
Reply to  bullova

well it sleeps in there :p