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Diablo 4 Updates, Balancing, and Added Content! So as not to miss the game patches for your characters!


Patch 1.4.2 Diablo 4 Season 4 Patch 1.4.2 Diablo 4 07/06/2024 Stygian stone buff, Grandfather fixes, pit boss, five things to remember about Diablo IV Season 1.4.2 patch 4!
Patch 1.4 Diablo 4 fixes, all buffs and nerfs for May 14 Patch 1.4 Diablo 4, May fixes 03/05/2024 Nerf of the Dust Whirlwind Barbarian, infernal wave fixes, more overpower on basic attack... Patch 1.4 fixes!
Patch 1.4 Diablo 4, translation and explanations of the game's renewal for season 4 Patch 1.4 Diablo 4 Season 4 29/03/2024 Patch 1.4 Diablo IV Season 4, translation and explanations craft, items, endgame, barbarian, necro, sorcerer, druid, thief and much more!
Patch 1.3.3 Diablo 4 Patch 1.3.3 Diablo 4 01/03/2024 Necromancer summons, sorcerer conjurations, druid companions, vampiric aspects... The complete summary of Diablo IV Patch 1.3.3!
Patch 1.3.2 Diablo 4, crafting unique ubers and farming other than with Duriel Patch 1.3.2 Diablo 4 Uber Uniques 09/02/2024 With patch 1.3.2 Diablo IV, you will finally be able to craft your uber unique items and try to farm them somewhere other than Duriel!


Metamorphosis finally fixed on Diablo 4 and temporary unique uber drop buff! Diablo 4 Metamorphosis 21/12/2023 Metamorphosis finally fixed, double unique uber drop rate on Diablo IV until January 8 with Hotfix 5!
Zir Diablo 4 Slaughterhouse fixes for December 8, 2023! Date, Glyph Experience, Tracker and Balancing Zir Diablo 4 Slaughterhouse Patch 08/12/2023 The complete summary of the December 8, 2023 patch on Diablo IV to make Abattoir of Zir easier and glyph farming less time-consuming!
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