How to kill Echo Uber Lilith Diablo 4 Season 4, the complete guide without using a bug or exploit

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How to kill Uber Lilith Diablo IV, boss phase guide, attacks and knowing if your class and build are powerful enough!

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How to know if your build is powerful enough to take on Lilith on Diablo 4

Facing Lilith is not easy and you will need to have a suitable and optimized build to kill her. Otherwise, you will also spend a lot of time attempting the boss without ever succeeding. A good system to see if you have the right build is to watch the first part of the fight:

  • if you can get him to reach half life in 20-30 seconds
  • if you don't need life potion during the first phase
  • ideally your equipment will be at least level 8/12

For each class, you can take mobility and invulnerability skills:

  • barbarian: Bond
  • druid: wolf ultimate
  • Necromancer: Blood Mist
  • sorcerer: Teleportation and Flame Shield
  • thief: Shadowstep and Celerity

Note that you will also need to have enough health and reduced damage, remember to take an elixir and possibly some incense. Last clarification, when you go to repair Lilith's display will be much darker and complicated to manage, remember to reset the dungeons to correct this bug!

Phase 1 Uber Lilith Diablo 4

Here's how to deal with Lilith's first phase on Diablo 4:

  1. Once you reach half of her life, she will summon minions and you will have to stand in a corner of the circle. Choose the bottom right or bottom left corner and keep it the same. This will position Lilith's waves in a way that makes it much easier to dodge them. The waves, two in the middle and one on the sides, will either be in the same direction, or those in the middle will be reversed in relation to those outside. Remember that if she sends waves before you are at mid-life, you don't have enough DPS and you should go back to optimizing your build.
  2. While she sends the waves to mid-life, kill her two minions to bring her back down. She will make a new summon of three minions in the last quarter of life that you will also have to kill. She can also do a triangle attack, quickly leave the area to avoid her. With a bug, she will sometimes send waves and the triangle attack.
  3. Generally speaking, as soon as it disappears, remember to stand in the corner and quickly kill the blood spores before they explode.
  4. Once killed, be careful she can sometimes send you a wave attack even when changing phase

Phase 2 Uber Lilith Diablo 4

Here's how to manage Lilith's second phase on Diablo 4. This phase is more complicated and you will need a lot of DPS:

  1. Do as much damage as possible on the appearance of its second form, which will always be in the same place
  2. She will then break each part of the terrain, while sending orbs of blood from spores. These orbs hurt extremely and this will be key to this phase. Avoid the orbs while trying to do damage to her while staying in the area she is destroying. Once his attack in the main area (which isn't destroyed) is over, go back in and continue dodging the orbs.
  3. Continue this system past the northern area for the eastern then western area. Note that no matter how much damage you do to her, she will finish this pattern before dying.
  4. You will also want to avoid his claw attack then massive explosion, his vacuum attack and the pools of blood on the ground

With this guide and training, you will be able to kill Uber Lilith and recover your resplendent spark! Don't hesitate to consult our Tiers List to have the perfect builds to face it!

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