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Shadow of the Depth, the subtle mix of action, hack and slash, dungeon exploration and roguelite! Builds, guides and testing!


Ember Knights, the new Rogue-Lite Hack And Slash playable at 4 in 2022! #19 Ember Knights, the HnS roguelite! 20/04/2022 HnS, Roguelite Ember Knights, the Roguelite Hack & Slash playable for four and released in April 2022! Discover it in 60 seconds, edition #19!


Praxis Ember Knights, how to finish the game at 15 energies Praxis Ember Knights 18/09/2023 End game How to kill Praxis in Architect's Kingdom on Ember Knights, beat the game and Architect of the End! Best weapons, relics, energy!

Ember Knight four player local co-op, all bosses and full gameplay Ember Knights 4 player local co-op 07/01/2023 Coop, Gameplay Four-player Ember Knights local co-op with full playthrough, all levels, bosses, mini-bosses, and run gameplay!


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