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[Discovery] Miner Gun Builder - PC / Android / iOS

Salutations to all !

I recently discovered a little game that fascinates me, I want to present it to you and give you my feelings after 70 hours on it. We will try to make it short 😛 


• Weapon customization
• Score race
• Casual
• Independent
• 2D Minimalist
• Space

Principle :

You must build your ship's internal weapon system (by directing and modifying a laser) to successfully pass the levels by destroying the blocks that oppose your progress. The more you progress the more difficult it becomes to advance and you are thus forced to improve your armament by changing ships, buying additional modifiers and rethinking your whole Build weapon system to perform and always go further.
Why does it fascinate me?

What I like about this game is the fact ofuse your brain and manage to build an ultra powerful armament by optimizing the paths and modifiers of your laser with rmathematical rules !
Add to that the look "gate" pushing you to farm to level up your captains, buying new improvements, skill tree, the fact of repelling the limits ever further; you get a feeling of constant progression and power-up with new challenges always adding up when you just think you've done the trick.

70 hours and then?

And I just started the End game 😆 To put it simply, your first objective will be to beat the first 100 levels. Then you will have a new mode"monde" which unlocks that you can explore unlimitedly adding new objectives and interest to the game. You will also have a mode wave with another build system that will eventually be more efficient than the basic ships offered to always go further.

Along the way we will tell you about multipliers legendary, factions, world ranking, tournaments, achievement, challenges... There are still 3 modes that are inaccessible to me and it is through a system "new game+" that you can convert your progress to "Reputation" by resetting everything to 0 to unlock new quests and explode your progress limit.

Development and community:

The game was released on Steam in November 2021 it is still updated at present, you have a Reddit and Discord very active, you can find builds and theorycraft to inspire and unblock you. You have a system"of Alliance" between players giving you big bonuses, I explain below how to add players to your Alliance 😉 

The game is free on Android/iOS (with in-app purchases) and 5€ on Steam, not very greedy, it runs on all types of machines. Game saves can be transferred from one medium to another by copying a file.


Check out the game on Steam:
On the Play Store:
Or iOS:

 💡 Alliance Guide:

A fan of the game has set up a site to facilitate the redemption of invitation codes, I currently have 82 Members in my alliance and I have confirmed the invitation of about 7596 players to date. You have 2 tabs: 1"My Invitations" which lists the people who have accepted your invitation and "Confirmwhere you can accept someone's invitation and send them your confirmation code.

Site link:

To finish:

You can use this topic to ask me for help, build tips, ask your questions! You will find my best build currently in the files below 😀

Alliance Build Sliver

Files uploaded:
  • ss_851861ef3c54169cbff092991e5eb8b918297c56.1920x1080.jpg
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