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blight bound

Hi DM small question I followed your guide for this game, and I have a big problem, I can't find ziram yet I do the levels in impossible until 36 and impossible to find it.

I do the bloody desire level... I did it at least 10 times, do I have to play a particular hero?

Thank you in advance.

Hello !

You must be on the map with the beacons to light (I don't have the name in mind anymore, but it's the one where you have the fog between the beacons), you light the one on the left first and on your return you should find Ziram 🙂 Level 15+
Be careful of memory don't turn on the first one right at the start, go all the way to the left directly, turn on the beacon and retrace your steps.

Good luck !!

Thank you I'll try tomorrow, it's true that I turn on the center after right and last on the left.

Thank you again I hope it will work, reassure me I can take any hero?

Yes it works with everyone 🙂 You will tell me, I cross my fingers but normally there is no problem!

Hello, a big thank you to you, my mistake was to always start from the right.

I will be able to platinum it thanks again

Ah great, glad the problem is solved 🙂 And you're welcome, with pleasure!