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Hades: find our test, our guides and all the information on this roguelite where you play as the son of the underworld!

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Hades, a sublime but repetitive rogue-lite Hades, the test 08/06/2021 Roguelite, Test Hades, complete test talking about design, gameplay, end game, lifespan and explaining all its positive points but also the negative ones!


Final boss Hades, kill him without dying Final Boss Hades 10/06/2021 Boss Final boss Hades, find in this guide how to kill him easily and without dying, in order to be able to complete the game!
Unlock all Chthonian Hades companions Hades Chthonic Companions 18/06/2021 Equipment, Secret Unlock all the Chthonian companions: find in this guide how to unlock all the companions as well as their usefulness!
Charon Hades Face Him, Kill Him & Coupon Coupon and Charon Hades 12/06/2021 Boss Charon Hades: find in this guide how to face Charon and get the famous coupon giving 20% ​​off purchase!
Aspect Hidden Weapons Hades, unlock them Unlock Hades Hidden Aspects 29/07/2021 Equipment, Secret Weapons Hidden Aspect Hades: Find Out How To Unlock All Weapons As Well As Their Power And Function!
Easily complete Hades, the complete guide Guide to completing Hades 09/06/2021 Full Easily complete Hades: I show you the memories, rooms, mirror upgrades, weapons and buying guide to complete the game
Hades Memories, Recover Them, Third List and Hidden All Hades Memories 13/06/2021 Equipment, Secret Souvenir Hades: find in this guide all the information to recover them as well as their note to know the strongest!


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