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Hero Siege: find in this Hack & Slash pixel Art all our guides, builds and tests of the game in French to know everything about the PC opus!


hero seat pc test SlashingCreeps Hero Siege test, the hns pixel art 07/01/2021 HnS, Pixel Art, Test Hero Siege PC test: to know everything about this Pixel art hack and slash, playable for 2 locally and 4 online! Video and guide!


Build Pirate Aggro Hero Siege SlashingCreeps Build Pirate Hero Siege 15/01/2021 Distance, End game Build Aggro Hero Siege: A pirate plunder build allowing aggro the whole map, viable solo and ultra powerful with several!
build whitemage S11 hero siege Build Whitemage Hero Siege Season 11 08/01/2021 End game, Mage Build Whitemage Hero Siege: discover in this build end game the alliance of sustain and damage! Viable solo and team S11!


Hero Siege endgame guide instances Endgame Hero Siege Instances Guide 18/01/2021 End game, Instance Endgame Hero Siege guide: uber, wormhole, chaos tower, sheeponia, shadow realm, fallen inoya, all of the late game explained!
Complete Hero Siege Guide Hero Siege guide 15/01/2021 Full, Premium Hero Siege Guide: Actions, Difficulties, Mining, Items, Relics, Coins, Gems, Runes, Builds and Satanics!


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