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Last Epoch, the hack and slash in line with Diablo, Titan Quest and Grim Dawn! Guides, info and builds!


Roadmap Last Epoch 07/05/2024 The roadmap for Last Epoch 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 is available, with all the new features to come for hack and slash!
Best bosses to farm in Last Epoch monolith and dungeons The best monoliths of Last Epoch 01/05/2024 How to get the best items in the game with the right monoliths and Last Epoch dungeons, as well as depending on corruption!
Build Reaper Lich Last Epoch endgame, permanent poison form in corruption 300 and above Build Endgame Reaper Lich Last Epoch 17/04/2024 End game The Last Epoch endgame Liche build with a permanent form of Reaper, protection and poison for corruptions level 300 and above!


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