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The best Assassin Last Epoch builds! Skills, equipment, passives for the Blade Dancer, Sniper and Falconer, start and endgame!


Tiers List Last Epoch 1.0, all class builds for the release of the game Tiers List Last Epoch 1.0 21/02/2024 Tiers List Last Epoch 1.0, the best Acolyte, Primalist, Rogue, Sentinel and Mage builds to get you started as soon as the game is released!

Build Archer Last Epoch 1.0, the multi-shooting sniper assassin for the endgame Build Assassin Sniper Last Epoch 1.0 19/03/2024 End game The Archer Marksman build on Last Epoch with Multishot in corruption 250+! The bow to kill your enemies with a barrage of arrows!
Endgame Falconer Build Last Epoch, crush monolith, dungeons and arena with your rogue Build Endgame Falconer Last Epoch 1.0 29/02/2024 End game The Rogue Falcon Last Epoch 1.0 build for the endgame on Net and Puncture with very good mobility and infinite mana!
Build Dancing Strike Last Epoch 0 9, to kill with style on the Bladedancer Build Bladedancer Last Epoch 1.0 06/02/2023 End game Best Build Rogue Last Epoch 1.0, the power, defense and style of the Bladedancer with Dancing strike!
Best build Rogue Last Epoch 0.9, the flurry bladedancer Build Rogue Last Epoch 1.0 05/01/2023 DPS, End game, Premium Best Build Rogue Last Epoch 1.0, the power of critical hits of the Bladedancer with the Flurry spell to end the endgame!


Last Epoch Falconer Guide 09/02/2024 End game, Starter Guide and build for the Rogue Falconer on Last Epoch 1.0, a very powerful build based on the falcon and nets with Puncture!
Rogue Last Epoch class, skills, masteries and synergies Last Epoch Assassin Class 15/03/2023 DPS The complete presentation of the Rogue class on Last Epoch, with the spells and masteries of the Bladedancer and Marksman!
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