Build Reaper Lich Last Epoch endgame, permanent poison form in corruption 300 and above

Build Endgame Reaper Lich

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The Last Epoch endgame Liche build with a permanent form of Reaper, protection and poison for corruptions level 300 and above!

Build Reaper Lich Last Epoch 00:00

Reaper Lich Build Last Epoch 00:00

Principle of the build

This build is built on the following key points:

  • Reaper Form buffs to compensate for damage inflicted on ourselves via Aura of Decay
  • Wandering Spirits channeled for very good resistance
  • lots of poison damage and mobility
  • a simple build to do but can also push even further with good unique crafts


Here are the skills:

Skills Principle of use Points
Lich Form

Gain buffs

Poison resistance, mobility then poison chance

Spiritual Scourge

Increases your damage

Increased duration, plague and poison, chance of spread, weakness stacks


Mobility and bone armor

Gain bone armor and kills under 15%

Aura of Decay

Increase your damage

Heal, poison resistance, poison lightning and poison stacks

Wandering Spirits

Increases damage over time

Poison, channeled skill, spectral putrescence

Instead of Transplant, you can also take Hungry Souls with auto-cast when hit or Death Seal if you manage to stay alive.

Equipment and statistics

Here are the equipment with their associated affixes:

Equipment Base Affixes

Barbute Hurlos

Poison damage, intelligence, armor



Reaper form, intelligence, armor



Poison damage, damage over time, poison chance, poison penetration


Chronicle of the Damned

Damage over time, poison damage, resistance, protection


Language of the Deviant Prophet

Poison damage, intelligence, resistances, health


Reduced damage over time

Poison Penetration, Poison Damage, Resistances


Armor if possible

Poison damage, remove ailments on potion, hybrid life


Last Steps of the Living

Intelligence, movement speed, hybrid life, armor



Damage over time, life converted into protection, hybrid life


Chance of Poison or Protection

+4 to Aura of Decomposition, intelligence, health, resistances

For idols, take resistances, unique singularity and reduced damage taken when transformed.


Take these blessings:

  • End of the storm: gain of protection
  • Black sun: gain in protection
  • Reign of Dragons: Poison Armor Break Chance
  • Age of Winter: Tundra Bulwark for Armor Gain
  • Fire Spirits: Large Obsidian Body for Armor Gain

Passives tree

Take these liabilities:

  • Acolyte (20): intelligence, protection retention, and vitality
  • Lich (57): intelligence, damage if low life, poison, intelligence, poison penetration, damage over time, intelligence
  • Occultist (34): damage over time, intelligence, protection and resistance when channeling, chance of poison nova

As long as you don't have enough health to maintain reaper form, put points into the Acolyte with Purple Gluttony.


This build is very suitable for the leveling phase in story mode then the start of the monolith. To start, play with Wandering Spirits then Transplant then Reaper Form. Finish with Aura of Decomposition then Spiritual Bane. Take the unique ones only as you go, be careful the boots, helmet and armor are difficult to obtain with LP. For passives:

  1. 20 points in Acoltye
  2. 10 points in Liche to unlock aura
  3. the 30 points in Occultist for channeling buffs
  4. the rest in Liche


Use the Aura of Decay as soon as you activate Reaper Form, so you will have enough health to stay in this form. Round out with a few skills, including Spirit Bane to steal life when needed. As long as you don't have an elite pack or boss, move around and use Spirit Bane. For tough enemies, stick to channeling Wandering Spirits.

Advanced corruption

This build allows you to easily reach corruption levels 400 with this equipment. You can also go much higher by collecting the following objects, be careful they cost a lot of gold:

  1. two rings with 4 LP
  2. the headset with 2 LP
  3. a belt with at least 3 LP
  4. boots, gloves and armor with 3 LP


Find the builder on the Tool Acolyte Poison Lich Last Epoch.


Find below the build versions and modifications:

  • 1.0: creation


Thanks to Kraven for his ideas for improving the build!

Whether you have a little or a lot of gold to make your build, the permanent Reaper Lich on Last Epoch will allow you to very easily advance in the monolith corruption levels!

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Build Reaper Lich Last Epoch endgame, permanent poison form in corruption 300 and above Build Endgame Reaper Lich Last Epoch 17/04/2024 Acolyte, Endgame, Last epoch The Last Epoch endgame Liche build with a permanent form of Reaper, protection and poison for corruptions level 300 and above!
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