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The best Primalist builds Last Epoch! Skills, equipment, passives of Beastmasters, Druids and Shamans, start and endgame!


Tiers List Last Epoch 1.0, all class builds for the release of the game Tiers List Last Epoch 1.0 21/02/2024 Tiers List Last Epoch 1.0, the best Acolyte, Primalist, Rogue, Sentinel and Mage builds to get you started as soon as the game is released!

Build Endgame Shaman Totem Last Epoch Build Shaman Totem Last Epoch 1.0 11/03/2024 The Primalist Shaman Totem Last Epoch 1.0 build for the endgame on Storm Totem! An almost unkillable build with very good DPS!
Build Primalist Spriggan Bees Last Epoch 0.9 Build Druid Bees Last Epoch 1.0 29/04/2023 Atypical Build Druid Primalist Last Epoch 1.0, a build based on bees and their bleeding on the Spriggan form!
Mage Caster Shaman Build Last Epoch Build Shaman Tornado Last Epoch 1.0 22/01/2023 End game, Mage The lightning tornado build on the shaman from Last Epoch 1.0, which allows you to summon cataclysmic storms with the primalist!
Swarmblade Druid Build Last Epoch Build Druid Last Epoch 1.0 28/12/2022 End game The best build to start Last Epoch 1.0, druid primalist build very resistant and ultra effective Swarmblade form for bosses and areas!
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