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The best Sentinel builds Last Epoch! Skills, equipment, passives on the Knight of the Void, the Paladin and the Guardian of the Forge!


Tiers List Last Epoch 1.0, all class builds for the release of the game Tiers List Last Epoch 1.0 21/02/2024 Tiers List Last Epoch 1.0, the best Acolyte, Primalist, Rogue, Sentinel and Mage builds to get you started as soon as the game is released!

Judgment Paladin Sentinel Build Last Epoch 1.0 Build Paladin Judgment Last Epoch 1.0 20/02/2024 End game The Sentinel Paladin Last Epoch 1.0 Judgment build, to complete the story without any problem then farm in endgame, alone or with others!
Build Sentinel Hammerdin Last Epoch 1.0 02/05/2023 End game Build Sentinel Last Epoch 1.0, the Void Knight Hammerdin to destroy bosses and enemies with your Diablo 2 style hammers!
Multistrike Sentinel Forge Guard Build Last Epoch Build Forge Guard Last Epoch 1.0 09/01/2023 End game, tank Build Forge Guard Sentinel Last Epoch 1.0, a very durable build with a lot of damage area and single target spikes!


Sentinel Last Epoch class, skills, masteries and synergies Sentinel Class Last Epoch 13/03/2023 Warrior The complete presentation of the Sentinel class on Last Epoch, with the spells and masteries of the Void Knight, Paladin and Forge Guard!
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