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The best Acolyte builds Last Epoch! Skills, equipment, passives of Necromancers, Liches and Occultists, start and endgame!


Tiers List Last Epoch 1.0, all class builds for the release of the game Tiers List Last Epoch 1.0 21/02/2024 Tiers List Last Epoch 1.0, the best Acolyte, Primalist, Rogue, Sentinel and Mage builds to get you started as soon as the game is released!

Build Necromancer Last Epoch 1.0, the king of summons Build Necromancer Summoner Last Epoch 09/03/2024 End game The build of skeletons, golems and ghosts of the Necromancer on Last Epoch 1.0 for the endgame in corruption 200 and above!
Build Occultist Endgame Last Epoch 1.0, Warlock Acolyte bleeding into corruption 250 and up Endgame Warlock Build Last Epoch 1.0 03/03/2024 End game The endgame Warlock build on Last Epoch 1.0, in dungeons and monoliths with 200+ corruption on bleeding damage!


Build Warlock Last Epoch 1.0, the guide to the new Acolyte mastery Warlock Last Epoch 1.0 Guide 03/02/2024 Guide and build for the Warlock Acolyte on Last Epoch 1.0, a devastating build based on damage over bleed duration!
Build Necromancer Summon Last Epoch 0.9 Build Necromancer Last Epoch 1.0 16/03/2023 Leveling How to easily do the entire Last Epoch 1.0 story then monoliths and dungeons with the necromancer sidekick build!
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