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League Of Legends: Riot's legendary moba, in which you play as a champion in 5v5 to destroy the opposing team!


Macro guide S11 League of legends League of Legends Macro Guide 09/01/2021 Guide, LoL, Macro Macro LoL: a complete and free course on timers, dragons, herald, baron, shifts, split push and safe zones!
Best League of Legends 2022 Characters most popular Worlds 2021 Best Champions 2022 24/02/2022 Guide, LoL, Macro The most popular champions of Worlds 2021, to help you choose your next best champions of 2022!
mount division on LoL elo mmr Raise Diamond in LoL 27/03/2021 Guide, LoL, Macro Go up in division: with this guide find my coaching method to more easily go up in League of Legends leagues!


Amumu jungle S11 League of Legends Amumu S11 Jungle League of Legends 03/12/2020 Guide, Jungle, LoL Amumu S11 Jungle: all the information to manage the champion, runes, items, path and tips in our guide!
Graves S11 league of legends jungle guide Serious jungle or mid S11 LoL 20/03/2021 Guide, Jungle, LoL, Mid Grave jungle S11: find in this guide all the information on Graves to manage the jungle well in league of legends season 11!
Hecarim LoL Jungle Mastery Hecarim S11 jungle League of Legends 14/11/2020 Guide, Jungle, LoL HECARIM S11: everything you need to know to properly manage the champion in League of Legends. Illustrated plays, objects and skills!
Karma Jungle S11 League of Legends Karma S11 Jungle! The off-meta! 29/11/2020 Guide, Jungle, LoL Karma S11 Jungle on League of Legends, Runes, Items, Path and Tips! Attention completely out of meta!
Malphite S11 League of Legends Malphite S11 jungle League Of Legends 10/12/2020 Guide, Jungle, LoL Malphite S11: the guide in French of objects, runes and replay analysis to manage this champion, especially in the jungle!
Mundo S11 Jungle Mundo S11 Jungler League of Legends 23/11/2020 Guide, Jungle, LoL Mundo S11 Jungle: items, jungle path, runes and tips to best manage Mundo in League of Legends!
Poppy Jungle S13 LoL League of Legends Poppy S13 Jungle 21/12/2022 Guide, Jungle, LoL Poppy S13 League of Legends, techniques to manage the champion and easily win your LoL games!
Udyr S11 league of legends jungle guide Udyr Jungle S11 champion's guide 18/03/2021 Guide, Jungle, LoL Udyr Jungle S11: all you need to know about one of the best junglers of the moment! I present to you two builds, tank and bruiser to go up in elo!
Guide vi jungle S11 Vi S11 Jungle League of Legends 19/11/2020 Guide, Jungle, LoL Vi S11 Jungle: all you need to know to improve your mastery of Vi, with tips, runes items and plays in this French guide!


JHIN s11 league of legends SlashingCreeps Jhin S11 ADC Leage of Legends 12/01/2021 Boots, Guide, LoL Jhin S11 ADC: Everything in our Guide for Season 11 of League of Legends, Items, Runes, Tips and Gameplay!
Lucian S11 league of legends Lucian S11 guide on League of legends 19/12/2020 Boots, Guide, LoL Lucian S11: find in our FR guide all the information to master the champion! Lane, items, runes, gameplay etc!


Jax S11 Top laner Jax S11 top full coaching 11/12/2020 Guide, LoL, Toplan Jax S11 top lane: a complete guide to understand how the top lane and jax work, with phases, items and runes!


wtf moment 5 compil with asuna and alche LoL quality plays and top 100 D3 16/07/2020 Diablo3, LoL, wtf moment WTF Moments # 5: let's go for the best League Of Legends plays, solo jungler Alchemists or with Asuna, as well as a top 100 D3
wtf moment 6 on league of legends A challenger on LoL ?! The jungle play! 16/07/2020 LoL, wtf moment WTF Moments # 6: well we're not going to go that far, but top of the line plays, with Alchemists in jungler and Asuna! Even recognition!
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