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Blightbound: find our guides and test on this new roguelite scroller, playable for three in local and online coop!


BlightBound Test, rogue-lite scroller 2.5D coop BlightBound, the test! 30/07/2021 Coop, Roguelite, scroller, Test BlightBound Test: to know everything about this game, gameplay, depth, classes, roguelite aspect and online and local cooperation!


Builds Assassins BlightBound and third list Builds Assassins BlightBound and third list 17/08/2021 Assassin, End game BlightBound Assassins Builds: endgame builds for Scarlet, Seirinne, Triss, Bu, Souris, Karue, Wodania!
BlightBound Warrior Builds and third party list Builds BlightBound Warriors tier list 14/08/2021 End game, Warrior BlightBound Warrior Builds: a build for each warrior in the game Malborys, Creen, Miséreux, Krom, Clegg, Karrogh, Ezzhoun!
Builds Mages BlightBound and third-party list Builds Mages BlightBound and third-party list 19/08/2021 End game, Mage BlightBound Mages Builds and Tiers List: Optimized builds for every Roland, Ziram, Tek'Ka, Kujuk, Nilbous, and Korrus mage!
Difficulty Impossible Blightbound Solo and Duo Impossible Blightbound Solo, Duo and Bots 27/08/2021 End game Impossible Blightbound Difficulty: How to complete missions on impossible difficulty with one or two bots!


Complete BlightBound Guide, easy to play Complete BlightBound Guide 08/08/2021 Full Complete BlightBound Guide: Classes, Skills, Level, Statistics, Items, Crafting, NPC, Objectives, Unlock, Riddle, Dungeons ...
Play solo with 2 Blightound bots 03/08/2021 Boss, Boots Play with 2 Blightbound bots: I show you how to play solo by giving others to the bots and killing the bosses with them!
BlightBound Corrupt Items 11/08/2021 Equipment Corrupted Objects BlightBound: The Guide to Help You Recover Corrupted Objects, Higher Thirds Than Legendaries!


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