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SlashingCreeps Streams, come and attend our events, intense gameplay sessions or simply chat and find the Best Of! The lives are taking place on our Twitch channel !

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PvP Diablo 4 Guild SlashingCreeps, the best of PvP Diablo 4 Guild SlashingCreeps, best of! 14/06/2023 Diablo 4 Best Diablo 4 PvP Moments with the SlashingCreeps Guild! The worst and best fights in the open world!
Best of Last Epoch Multiplayer Last Epoch Multiplayer Best Of! 30/01/2023 Alch, Asuna, Michel Find the best moments of the preview evening on the Last Epoch multiplayer with Asuna, Michel and Alchemists!
Ironman Diablo 2 Resurrected tournament, compete against players regardless of your level and try to win a €20 card [Completed] IronMan D2 Tuesday 29 20:30 PM 21/11/2022 D2R Win a €20 amazon or steam card by participating in Iron Man Diablo 2! A tournament starting level 1 for everyone on D2R!
Diablo 2 Resurrected Classic, classic hell hell! Best of Episode 4 [Completed] D2R Classic Parties 21/07/2022 D2R Tuesday, July 26 at 21 p.m. we will start from scratch on Diablo 2 Resurrected Classic! There are only eight places don't delay!
Rush Hardcore SSF Diablo 2 Resurrected at 8 Act 1-5 in 4 Hours Highlights [Completed] Rush HC SSF Diablo 2 16/06/2022 D2R Find the best moments of hardcore rush solo self found on Diablo 2 Resurrected, with Astorias and his team of 8 players!
Rune Hunt, Event Highlights, and How to Participate Diablo 2 Resurrected [Completed] D2R Treasure Hunt 09/02/2022 D2R, Events The best moments of the treasure hunt with 2 HR! Do not hesitate to follow us on social networks or Discord to participate!
OutLast Wtf Moment SlashingCreeps Outlast as a duo, best times 28/02/2021 Alch, Asuna, Wtf Outlast: find in this compilation the funniest moments of Halloween! Too much stress in the dark Halloween night!
wtf moments 7 on escape from tarkov Best of Escape From Tarkov 16/07/2020 Gameplay, Wtf WTF Moments # 7: Vost's power plays on EFT, where he headshot, 1v3 quietly, just after shooting his allies ^ _ ^
wtf moment 6 on league of legends A challenger on LoL ?! The jungle play! 16/07/2020 LoL WTF Moments # 6: well we're not going to go that far, but top of the line plays, with Alchemists in jungler and Asuna! Even recognition!
wtf moment 5 compil with asuna and alche LoL quality plays and top 100 D3 16/07/2020 LoL WTF Moments # 5: let's go for the best League Of Legends plays, solo jungler Alchemists or with Asuna, as well as a top 100 D3