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THE BEST OF STREAMS, community, good humor and try hard! Best of Streams! 27/05/2024 Find the best moments of the stream, with the best of WTF moments from Twitch SlashingCreeps, try hard, common and good humor!
Roadmap Last Epoch 07/05/2024 The roadmap for Last Epoch 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 is available, with all the new features to come for hack and slash!
There are other ways to get a Shako in Diablo 4 Video game gift ideas! 30/04/2024 The SlashingCreeps store opens its doors! Personalized mugs, T-shirts, mouse pads and goodies for an original gaming gift!
Beta Path of Exile 2 postponed Path of Exile 2 beta postponed 22/03/2024 News Path of Exile 2 is not coming yet! The June beta is replaced by an alpha and pushed back to the end of 2024.
Dragonkin The Banished, the future French Hack and Slash! Dragonkin: The Banished, the new HnS! 01/03/2024 The new Hack and Slash from Eko Software published by Nacon where you play as a sorcerer, a Knight, an Archer or a Barbarian!
2023 stats and what's coming in 2024 with SlashingCreeps 2023 and 2024! 23/12/2023 Statistics The stats for 2023 with the number of videos, articles, hours of stream and the games and content arriving in 2024!
No Rest For the Wicked, the new souls like No Rest For The Wicked, the new Souls-like! 11/12/2023 News From the creators of Ori and the Blind Forest, No Rest For The Wicked promises to be the future gem of Souls Like! The news !
SlashBattle #1 Saturday December 2, 20:30 p.m., the epic Diablo 4 community clash! Saturday December 2 20:30 p.m. SlashBattle #1 03/12/2023 Events First edition of the Slash Battle, Saturday December 2 at 20:30 p.m., with Icekei, Yokushi and Morrigh4n for an epic clash on Diablo IV!
Unlock SlashingCreeps premium with Twitch Prime Unlock Premium with Twitch Prime! 02/12/2023 To take advantage of SlashingCreeps premium benefits without spending money thanks to Twitch Prime! All of the information !
Best local co-op video games! Hack and Slash, Roguelite, Party Game and more Best local co-op games! 30/11/2023 Top Games The best local co-op video games for multiplayer evenings on the same screen! Hack and Slash, Roguelite, Beat Em Up and more!
Planning SlashingCreeps, article, video and streams Weekly Schedule 28/11/2023 Schedule Find the dates and times of our upcoming streams and videos with the SlashingCreeps week schedule!
Best Hack and Slash 2024, roguelite and indie! The section of the best video games to come! Best Hack and Slash 2024 17/11/2023 Top Games Releases of the best Hack and Slash 2024, roguelite and indie! The best video games to come for an exciting gaming year!
Last Epoch 1.0, everything you need to know about the release! Last Epoch 1.0 release date 21/10/2023 Release date Content, Last Epoch 1.0 release date, season system... Everything you need to know about the hack and slash release!
SlashingCreeps, Action RPG Builds, Guides and Tests Discover SlashingCreeps! 04/10/2023 Stream All the games in our discovery videos! Find our streams directly on Twitch at!
Heroes Siege 2, the big update of an already ultra classy hack and slash! hero wins 2.0 04/10/2023 Hero Siege 2.0 has just been released, offering many improvements on an already very good quality Hack and Slash!
Planning SlashingCreeps, article, video and streams
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