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Glossary and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash: find all the abbreviations you need to easily understand gaming jargon!

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Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by SlashingCreeps

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  • Equipment
  • Interactions with the world
  • Interactions with players
  • Rôles
  • Effects
  • Playing techniques
  • Statistics and characters
  • Types of games
  • Home
  • Thanks


The gear and loot section, a key part of many games

  • Drop: literally the fact that a monster drops an object, in fact, it amounts to recovering an object ("I dropped a legendary!")
  • GF: Gold Find, your additional chance to find gold
  • Item: object
  • Loot: Loot: The reason for being in life
  • MF: Magic Find, your additional chance to find magic items
  • Stuff / Gear: Equipment

Interactions with the world

This section deals with interactions with your game world:

  • Bestiary: constitutes the variety of enemies in a game
  • Craft: craft, craft an item
  • Casu / Casual: occasional player or playing little
  • Creep: the enemies of the game
  • Event: an event often of limited duration
  • Farm: repetitive activity focused on an objective (collecting items, gold, experience, etc.).
  • Grind: gain experience, gain ranking
  • Instance: a limited area in a world (for example dungeon or event)
  • Map: the world map, dungeon, etc.
  • Mobs: the enemies of the game (synonymous with creep)
  • Pex: action of gaining experience
  • NPC or NPC: Non-Player or Non-Playable Character, the characters implanted in the game who give you quests or sell / buy equipment for example
  • PVE: Player Versus Element, you face creeps and bosses
  • PVP: Player Versus Player, you face other players 
  • PVX: Player Versus X, you face players and creeps (for example a farm area with the possibility of facing players)
  • Random: Random (example: a random drop item corresponds to an item that can be dropped on any monster in the game)
  • Rush: do an action quickly, kill the boss of an instance without taking care of the monsters around for example
  • Minion: another name for creeps, especially when they have a master
  • Spawn: area where creeps or players appear 
  • Speed: do a repetitive activity as quickly as possible in order to optimize it
  • TP: Town Portal, used to return to town
  • WP: WayPoint, save point for an area allowing you to return to it at will
  • XP: Experience

Interactions with players

Below everything that will be related to interactions with other players

  • Boost: a help from another person stronger than you, a version less abused than PL
  • Gank: Ask a player for help killing someone
  • LF / LFM: Looking for Mate, a group is looking for a person
  • LFG: Looking For Group, a player is looking for a group
  • Matchmaking: find players to play with or against
  • Need: means a need (in equipment or in person)
  • Noob / Newbie: New player / Little experience
  • Owned / Pwed: literally "fucked up!"
  • Ping: indicate an element by an audio and visual signal
  • PK: Player Killer, Player Killer, the fact of killing a player with the right or not
  • PL: Power Level, when you ask someone much stronger than you to level up, kill bosses, collect items, etc.
  • WTS: Want to Sell, the person wants to sell an item
  • WTB: Want to Buy, the person wants to buy an item


Everything about your character's functions

  • Alt: alternative, a character that you play from time to time, for example only with a friend
  • Brain Dead: Brain Dead, a very simple character to play
  • CaC: character who types Corp to Corp
  • Crystal: the fact of not having any point of life or resistance, often to privilege the damage
  • DPS: Damage Per Second
  • Glass Barrel: Glass barrel, identical to Crystal
  • Healer: a person whose main role is to heal
  • Off tank: a tank that does damage at the cost of lower defense
  • Main: main, the character you play most often
  • Range: a character typing from a distance
  • Switch: switch from one character to another ("I switch my hand on my alt, I come back!")
  • Tank: character whose role is to take damage, can be used in a sentence: "tank me this pack!"


Anything that will alter your condition or that of your enemies

  • AoE: Area of ​​Effect, Zone d'Effet in French. The size of your spells or whether a spell hits a large area
  • Buff: improving one or more stats or skills of a character
  • Debuff: decreasing one or more stats or skills of a character
  • DoT: Damage over Time, damage that is done over a period of time (poisoning or burning for example). It is important to differentiate them because this damage is often calculated differently (for example no critical hit or no possible effect)
  • Status: all positive or negative effects will change your character's state and influence their mobility, damage, etc. (disease, silence, root etc.).
  • Fear: Fear, like a silence with in addition a displacement opposite to the direction of chosen
  • Overheal: Made to chain healing spells without taking into account the life bar in order to anticipate large damage
  • OS: One Shot, killing or being killed in one shot
  • Root: a target can no longer move but can still cast a spell or attack
  • Silence: a target can no longer cast a spell, but can still attack or move
  • Slow: Slowdown
  • Spike: doing a much greater damage than the rest, especially for bosses who hit on average after example at 50 and then hit 400
  • Stack: accumulate a type, like resistances or spell effects ("I have 100 frost ray stacks")
  • Stance: Posture, for example defensive or offensive posture
  • Stun: A stunned target cannot attack, cast, or move

Playing techniques

To manage your enemies more easily, it's below

  • Aggro: principle of attracting enemies to you, in a non-forced way (unlike taunt)
  • Burn / burst: send all your damage at once, or very quickly
  • Broken: Pété, a technique too powerful compared to the rest, in particular likely to be nerfed
  • Cast: cast a spell
  • Clean: clear an entire room or dungeon
  • Dash: leap in one direction
  • Gameplay: Your character's play style
  • Greed: the fact of not playing carefully, to go as fast as possible, collect as many objects as possible, kill an opponent, etc.
  • Kite: the principle of typing backwards, to hit an enemy without him touching you, or as little as possible.
  • KS: Kill Steal, you kill the creep or boss when you haven't done any damage to it before
  • Last Hit: Give a killing blow to a creep or a boss, no matter how much damage you inflicted on them. Can be useful on some games as it affects loot or completion.
  • Loot: items and gold on creeps and chests, or those you picked up ("I looted a super ax!")
  • Meta: comes from Greek (and not Most Efficient Technique Avalaible), means an effective technique, currently by abuse of language
  • Nerf: reduce the power of a spell or technique
  • OP: OverPowered, overpowered. Being stronger than what should be normal
  • Perma: permanently, for example "I am perma cc"
  • Pack: a group of creeps, useful for killing multiple enemies at the same time
  • Proc or Trigger: triggering an effect under certain conditions ("my fireball procs a meteor on a critical hit)
  • Sweater: attract a monster or player
  • Safe: playing carefully, especially to avoid dying
  • Scale: the proportion of becoming stronger as the game progresses, for example a level 1 spell which is weak and level 20 very strong ("This spell scales super well!")
  • Slacker: Bathing in AoE damage from enemies, in general not recommended!
  • Spam, spamming, spamming: using a capacity a large number of times, especially more than its cooldown allows
  • Split: disperse to avoid damage
  • Timer: count the time for an enemy or ally to use their ability again
  • Target: targeting an opponent 
  • Taunt: force enemies to attack you
  • Throw: lose a game or a fight that you should have won, especially because you played badly
  • Wipe: the fact that everyone is dead and you lost

Statistics and characters

Anything directly related to your character

  • Agi: agility, agility 
  • CC: the chance to perform a Critical Hit, not to be confused with Critical Hit Damage (DCC)
  • CC: Crowd Control, crowd control spells and effects (stun, slow motion, immobilized)
  • CD: CoolDown, time to recover your skills
  • CDR: CoolDown Reduction, a statistic allowing you to decrease your skill recovery time
  • Channel: channel a skill, preventing you from moving
  • Char / Character: character
  • Dex: dexterity, dexterity 
  • DPS: damage per second, the damage you do reduce over one second. For example a spell hitting 200 damage every 10 seconds will have a DPS of 20. A spell hitting 50 every two seconds will have a DPS of 25.
  • HP: Health Pool, your life
  • HPS: Heal Per Second: Heal per second: allows you to locate the average heal rate over a period
  • Intel: intelligence, intelligence
  • MP: Mana Pool, your amount of mana
  • Person: character
  • Setup: your character's equipment and skills
  • Skill: your skills as a player ("you have skill, say so!") Or as a character ("my arctic spear skill is level 15")
  • Stats: statistics or characteristics of your character
  • Str: strength, force
  • Vita: vitality, your vitality

Types of games

In full, the different games and their abbreviations:

  • Adventure: a game where you play as a character to explore a world
  • Local Co-op: you can play with several people on the same screen
  • Coop Online: you can play together remotely
  • FPS: First Person Shooting, the first person shooting games
  • HnS: Hack And Slash, the games where you improve your character with items and levels
  • RPG: Role play, often in paper version with dice
  • MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
  • Muso: with the help of an army and heroes defeat the army opposite
  • RP: Role Playing, interpreting your role in the game
  • RPG: Role Playing Game, Role-playing game, fairly wide category where you play a character
  • Rogue-like: die, don't get stronger and start over to get further
  • Snape-lite: die, get stronger, and start over to go further
  • RTS or STR: Real Time Strategy or Real Time Strategy, army management and economy games
  • Survival: a game using real conditions, such as food, temperature, etc.
  • TCG or JCC: Trading Card Game or Collectible Card Game
  • TPS: Third Person Shooting, third person shooting games


Below all that is indirectly related to the games.

  • Frieza: Freeze, your game freezes, because of the internet or your pc
  • FPS: Frames Per Second, or IPS Frame Per Second. Your number of images in one second
  • Hardware: hardware, anything that is physically possible to touch
  • Lagger: have latency, your game is slowed down because of your internet connection
  • Rammer: your game is slowed down because of your pc
  • Setup: your pc, peripheral, stream equipment, etc.
  • Software: software, anything that is impossible to physically touch 


A very big thank you to the people who helped make the guide, Arktwolk, Asuna and Michel!

Alchemists dm gaming

You should have a very solid foundation for knowing all gamer words and acronyms, with a focus on Hack & Slash! If you ever have more words, feel free to post in the comments!
PS: the search function will be of great help in finding words and acronyms!

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