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Diablo 4 development and material costs Top guides and builds June 2024! 08/06/2024 Six articles not to be missed with the June 2024 newsletter! Everything about Diablo 4, Best Of, Goodies and guides!
Design No Rest For The Wicked Top guides and builds April 2024! 27/04/2024 Five articles not to be missed with the April 2024 newsletter! Season 4 of Diablo 4, Last Epoch, Big Time and No Rest for the Wicked!
Twitch and Youtube Schedule SlashingCreeps Top guides and builds March 2024! 23/03/2024 Five articles not to be missed in March 2024 with the Path of Exile 2 beta postponed, Diablo 4 2.0 and the builds on Last Epoch!
Last Epoch 1.0 Complete Guide to Start the Game Top guides and builds February 2024! 26/02/2024 Five articles not to be missed in February 2024 with the guides for Last Epoch 1.0 and future news from the Diablo 4 gauntlet!
Best Diablo 3 season 4 builds, to start and then farm the assembly season Top guides and builds January 2024! 22/01/2024 Five articles not to be missed in January 2024 with the guides for season 3 of Diablo IV but also the new feature on Last Epoch 1.0!
Atlas Path of Exile 3 Passives Guide 23 Affliction, the best and in what order! Top guides and builds December 2023! 28/12/2023 Five articles not to be missed in December 2023 with Path of Exile, what's coming in 2024, a new hack and slash and Diablo 4!
Best Hack and Slash 2024, roguelite and indie! The section of the best video games to come! Top guides and builds November 2023! 28/11/2023 Five articles not to be missed in November 2023 with Diablo 4, the best games of 2024, Slash Battle and the Diablo 4 expansion!
Blizzcon 2023, all announcements to come Top guides and builds October 2023! 28/10/2023 Five articles not to be missed in October 2023 with Diablo 4, Last Epoch, Blizzcon and Let's Play on a nugget!
Twitch SlashingCreeps Top guides and builds September 2023! 28/09/2023 Five unmissable events for the month of September with Hades 2, crazy nuggets, the release schedule and the return to Twitch!
Season 2 Diablo 4 Top guides and builds August 2023! 30/08/2023 Dm Gaming becomes SlashingCreeps and the newsletter offers you 5 essentials of the month! TQ2, BG3, POE2, D4 and Gamescom!
Diablo 4 SlashingCreeps Guild, come play with us! Top guides and builds July 2023! 30/06/2023 Season 1 of Diablo 4 is coming very soon, with its batch of novelties, patches and all the information to come on Path of Exile 2!
9800 subscribers Top guides and builds May 2023! 01/05/2023 Soon the 10 YouTube subscribers, Diablo 000, Rogue Legacy 4, Undecember, all the information not to miss!

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  • January 2023 - Diablo 4 beta, Last Epoch, complete Blizzard timeline and best games 2023!
  • July 2022 - D2R Giveaway and Diablo Immortal Guild
  • June 2022 - Launch of Diablo Immortal and Rogue Legacy
  • May 2022 - Game discoveries and D2R season preparations
  • April 2022 - Path of Exile, Lost Ark and the D2R season
  • March 2022 - The PTR D2R and independent discoveries
  • February 2022 - Giveaway of 5000 subscribers and patch 2.4 D2R
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