Hack And Slash Nuggets

Hack & Slash nuggets, the indie HnS but which really deserve to be known! No big studio but pure happiness!


chronicon logo chronicon The ultra deep pixel hack and slash!

Median XL SlashingCreeps submenu Diablo 2 Median XL An exceptional game in its own right!

Hero siege Ultra-deep pixel hack and slash!

warhammer chaosbane logo warhammer chaosbane Co-op hack and slash!

The Slormancer SlashingCreeps Logo under menu The Slormancer The indie nugget of hack and slash!


Anima Diablo 2-style dark hack and slash!
Diablo Immortal SlashingCreeps submenu Diablo Immortal The mobile and pc crossplay game!
lost ark logo Lost Ark The Korean Hack & Slash MMORPG!
Torchlight Infinite SlashingCreeps submenu Torchlight: Infinite The continuation of the series on PC and mobile!
Undecember Sub Menu Undecember The new mobile pc hack and slash!
wolcen logo wolcen Action hack and slash without class limits!


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