Nuggets Other games

Nuggets Other games, games to know but which do not fall into the roguelite or hack and slash category!


starcraft II logo Starcraft 2 The legendary RTS game!

V Rising under SlashingCreeps logo V rising The rpg, survival and vampire construction!


Broforce, one of the best co-op games to get through a good night, in 60 seconds Broforce, the game not to miss 31/07/2022 beat em up, scroller Broforce, one of the craziest games we've played! Discover it in 60 seconds, edition #30!


Dead Island 2, the return of the FPS gore Dead Island 2, gore and zombies! 22/04/2023 FPS Discover Dead Island 2 dated April 21, 2023! Sequel to the legendary FPS horror survival game! Discover it in 60 seconds, edition #52!
Dead Island 2 Review Dead Island 2, the test! 26/04/2023 Test Gameplay, design, depth and economic model, everything you need to know about Dead Island 2 in this complete test!


Enshrouded, the new fusion game of Valheim and Zelda! Enshrouded, fusion of Zelda and Valheim 07/05/2023 Construction, rPG, Survival Enshrouded, the new game mixing action RPG, survival, construction and cooperation in a spirit of Valheim and Zelda in 2023!


Mayhem Brawler Complete Game Guide Mayhem Brawler complete guide 26/08/2021 Full Mayhem Brawler: endings, states, items, crowd and boss management, Trouble, Dolphin, Star techniques, combos, lives, etc!
Mayhem Brawler celebrates its first anniversary, check out this Beat Em Up in 60 secs Mayhem Brawler, the comic book scroller! 18/08/2022 beat em up The Beat Em Up scroller with comic style is Mayehem Brawler! Discover it in 60 seconds, edition #32!
Brawl Mayhem, 2021 beat'em all test Mayhem Brawler, the test 19/08/2021 scroller, Test Mayhem Brawler Test, all the information on this new beat'em all scroller in the vein of Streets of Rage 4!


The best levels in Rayman Legends! The best levels in Rayman Legends 16/01/2024 Let's play Discover the complete gameplay of the best levels of Rayman Legends, the remixed musical pieces of the Party of the Living Dead!


The Crackpet Show, early access test The Crackpet Show, the test 03/01/2022 Coop, Gore, Roguelite, Shooter The Crackpet Show launches in December 2021 in Early Access, featuring a Happy Tree Friends-style design and foursome in co-op! The test !


World War Z Classes SlashingCreeps World War Z Classes choose them and tier list 23/02/2021 Characters, Tiers List World War Z classes: find the class descriptions and their ranking, to start the game well!
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