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Exclusive articles and roles, preview, messaging support, wallpaper, reserved space... Discover the Premium advantages!




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One exclusive article per month

Exclusive roles and emotes

A guaranteed place in Guild(s)

Teaser of future content

Recap of upcoming articles and videos


One wallpaper per month


Email support



Articles and videos before their public release



Access to old wallpapers



Standard price per month

1.99€ | 3 months

4.99€ | 1 months

29.99€ | 1 months

Reduced prices per month with multiple months

1.49€ | 12 months

3.99€ | 12 months

24.99€ | 6 months

After your subscription choice, your premium account is automatically activated if you have a Paypal account! You can also create the Paypal account just before taking the premium. Also remember to clear your browser cache. You can of course cancel your subscription free of charge at any time. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us at!

Benefit premium

  • Browsing without advertising: the site SlashingCreeps without advertising! You just need to be logged in to activate it.
  • One exclusive article per month: each month, a detailed article on the game covered at the moment, such as a guide to Diablo, Path of Exile 2 or even behind-the-scenes event information! These articles are available on the home page and the premium article page.
  • Exclusive roles and emotes: Premium, Premium + or VIP role on the site and Discord, and more than a dozen emotes! A Discord channel per rank is also dedicated to you.
  • Guild place guaranteed: you have priority to join our guilds, whether on Last Epoch, Diablo 4 or Path of Exile 2, your request must be made on the Discord.
  • Teasers of future content: on the channel Discord premium, you will have teasers of upcoming content, such as thumbnails of upcoming builds or events.

Also find all the useful links on your Premium page.

Benefits Premium+

You will know in advance the next articles and videos which will be released, what will be the meta build for the new season of Diablo 4 or the best build to start Path of Exile 2! Plus, every month you can enjoy a SlashingCreeps wallpaper! It will be different and exclusive each month, to obtain it, go to the monthly wallpaper premium+. Here's a taste of what awaits you each month!

Also find all the useful links on your Premium + page.

SlashingCreeps Wallpaper Sizes

Benefits VIP

If you have a problem with a game or have any questions, you can contact Alchemists directly on Discord by adding slashingcreeps as a friend. You can also have access to all the videoseos and articles awaiting distribution, perfect for knowing the complete setup of the build or having the builder before everyone else! You can also enjoy the old wallpaper in addition to that of the month. You have the list below and will also be informed of new VIP content on the channel Discord #VIP.

Also find all the useful links on your VIP page.

Build sorcerer Chain of Lightning Season 5 Diablo 4 Build sorcerer Season 5 Diablo 4 09/07/2022 The Chain of Lightning sorcerer build Season 5 Diablo IV Patch 1.5, to quickly clean all endgame instances!
Build Druid Poison Ivy Season 5 Diablo 4 Build Druid Season 5 Diablo 4 09/07/2022 The best Druid build Diablo IV Season 5 Poisoned Ivy! For pit levels 120 and above with companions!
Build sorcerer Hydra Season 5 Diablo 4 Build sorcerer Hydra Diablo 4 season 5 09/07/2022 Distance, End game, Magic The best Diablo IV Season 5 sorcerer build to play with Burning Hydras and a completely crazy number of heads in endgame!


Subscriber to YouTube, what are your advantages?
You unlock the same benefits as on the site, remember to contact us to unlock your rights.

Subscriber to Twitch, what are your advantages?
You unlock the same benefits as on the site, remember to contact us to unlock your rights. THE Twitch Prime unlock premium benefits!

What are your benefits by donating?
The premium will be up to your donation, remember to send us an email following your donation.

How can you subscribe or stop your subscription?
You will find the subscriptions just above, or on your Profile page. To unsubscribe, on your profile page click on "Unsubscribe".

Currently only via Paypal, it's very easy to create an account if you don't have one yet.

You have an old premium format
Of course, you keep all the advantages of Premium, with the special rate to thank you for being among the first! You will keep these advantages as long as your Premium is renewed!

You want to change premium offer
If you want to go from Premium + to Premium, or Premium to VIP for example, cancel your renewal and take the one that suits you.

For any questions or to activate your benefits, do not hesitate to contact us at

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