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Rogue Heroes Ruins of Tasos: find all our guides and tests in this game mixing adventure and roguelite!


Rogue Heroes Test, adventure and indie rogue like Rogue Heroes, the test! 29/03/2021 Adventure, Coop, Roguelite, Test Rogue Heroes Test: find our test on this game mixing adventure, rogue like by an independent pixel art studio!


Farm Rogue Heroes find the gloves and Nik Farm Rogue Heroes 30/03/2021 Secret Rogue Heroes Farm: How to create a farm on rogue heroes, after finding the watering can in the barn!
Complete Guide to Rogue Heroes, to know everything about the game Rogue Heroes Guide 01/04/2021 Full, Beginner Rogue Heroes guide, find information on classes, buildings, bestiaries, resources, tools, dungeons, exploration and multiplayer!


Reaper Rogue Heroes, go to the graveyard and unlock the class Graveyard and Reaper Rogue Heroes 31/03/2021 Characters, Secret Reaper Rogue Heroes: find in this guide how to access the graveyard to unlock this class and thus be able to play it!
Pirate Rogue Heroes how to unlock the class Pirate Rogue Heroes 31/03/2021 Characters, Secret Pirate Rogue Heroes: Find out in this guide how to catch legendary fish and unlock the pirate class!


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