Roguelite nuggets

Roguelite nuggets, you will die, get stronger and start again! All the nuggets not to be missed!


Blade Assault Logo SlashingCreeps submenu Blade assault The very good 2D roguelite scroller!


Bravery and Greed SlashingCreeps submenu Bravery and Greed The roguelite dungeon crawler co-op!


children of morta logo submenu SlashingCreeps Children of Morta The sublime roguelite story in duo!


boss dreamscaper DreamScaper the first boss! 17/07/2020 Boss, Gameplay DreamScaper Boss: a fairly technical fight that will require you to know the boss's attacks well in order to avoid them!
complete dreamscaper guide DreamScaper, complete guide 24/08/2020 Full, Beginner Dreamscaper Complete Guide: to get started with the game correctly, crafting, the world, operation, rooms and more!
DreamScaper in 60 seconds, the magic roguelite action rpg! DreamScaper, the dream roguelite 24/07/2022 Action, Roguelite, rPG A magical world, onion-based gameplay, well-thought-out progression on DreamScaper! Discover it in 60 seconds, edition #29!


Ember Knight four player local co-op, all bosses and full gameplay Ember Knights 4 player local co-op 07/01/2023 Coop, Gameplay Four-player Ember Knights local co-op with full playthrough, all levels, bosses, mini-bosses, and run gameplay!
Ember Knights, the new Rogue-Lite Hack And Slash playable at 4 in 2022! #19 Ember Knights, the HnS roguelite! 20/04/2022 HnS, Roguelite Ember Knights, the Roguelite Hack & Slash playable for four and released in April 2022! Discover it in 60 seconds, edition #19!
Praxis Ember Knights, how to finish the game at 15 energies Praxis Ember Knights 18/09/2023 End game How to kill Praxis in Architect's Kingdom on Ember Knights, beat the game and Architect of the End! Best weapons, relics, energy!


Complete Hellcard Guide Hellcard Guide 12/03/2023 Full Discover our tips for getting started on Hellcard and maximizing your chances of victory in this thrilling card game and its devastating style.
Hellcard, the roguelite deckbuilder Hellcard, the roguelite deckbuilder! 05/03/2023 Strategy Hellcard, the rich and technical roguelite deckbuilder who will fascinate you with his style! Discover it in 60 seconds, edition #48!


Neon Echo, the sublime new roguelike Neon Echo, the test! 10/05/2023 Roguelite Released on April 21, 2023, the Neon Echo roguelite is unanimous in Steam reviews! Discover in this test this masterpiece of the video game!


Scroller, Rogue-lite, Metal and Gore - Rising Hell UJESS #3 Rising Hell 60, climb through hell! 15/01/2022 Roguelite, scroller Try to face the archdemons of Rising Hell, a demanding scroller on metal music! Discover it in 60 seconds, edition #3!
Complete Rising Hell, the complete guide Rising Hell, how to finish it 16/01/2022 Full, Gameplay I tell you how to complete Rising Hell, with the talents, relics, character but also the complete gameplay and boss!


Rogue Heroes SlashingCreeps Logo Under Logo RogueHeroes The mix of Zelda and roguelite adventure!


Finish Rift Loopers Urbanhell 20 minutes, full gameplay and tips to complete the game Rift Loopers Urbanhell 20 min 24/09/2022 finish How to complete Rift Loopers Urbanhell, upgrades, class, weapons, choice of powers and tips to last the 20 minutes!
Rift Loopers, when Vampire Survivors meet Alien Swarm Rift Loopers, the roguelite shooter! 10/09/2022 Roguelite, Shooter When Vampire Survivors meet Alien Swarm! Survive waves of enemies in Rift Loopers! Discover it in 60 seconds, edition #34!


Ship of Fools, the new duo roguelite! With a steam key to win Ship of Fools, roguelite party game! 28/11/2022 Roguelite Embark on your ship, travel the seas and face enemies and bosses! Discover it in 60 seconds, edition #38!
All Ship of Fools Bosses Ship Of Fools, all bosses 05/12/2022 Boss, Gameplay All Ship Of Fools bosses, gameplay and complete guide with all the tips to kill them easily even solo!


Tunche, an ultra-comprehensive guide to the game Tunche, the game guide 15/11/2021 Full Complete Tunche Guide: Classes, Resources, Spirit Cores, Combos, SSS Style, Critical Hits, Rooms, Skills, NPCs, Vines, Bosses!
Tunche, a co-op Rogue-Lite Scroller with super addictive gameplay November 2021 Tunche, Scroller Rogue-Lite Coop! 07/11/2021 Preview Tunche, a game mixing scroller and rogue-lite, playable in local coop and reminiscent of Lost Castle, Castle Crashers or Hades!


Green Acres Hyper Vampire Survivors, how to easily finish the hardest map and without power up Vampire Survivors Green Acres 27/02/2022 Full, End game Finish the hardest map of Vampire Survivors Green Acres in Hyper, the best weapons, passives and character character without power up!
Vampire Survivors india rogue-lite 1 vs 1000 1 stick shooter game in 60 seconds Vampire Survivors, survive! 12/02/2022 India, Roguelite Try to survive the thousands of creatures of the night in Vampire Survivors! Discover it in 60 seconds, edition #7!