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The Slormancer: find our complete file on the game, tests and tutorials to help you in this indie Hack & Slash!


Temple Slorm The Slormancer, news Temple Slorm The Slormancer 31/07/2021 MAJ, Test Temple Slorm The Slormancer: Learn all about the Cataclysm additions, juicy slorm and the new Temple game system!
the slormancer, a pixel action hack and slash india The slormancer, the French hns! 06/04/2021 HnS, India, Pixel Art, Test The Slormancer test: find all the information about the game in this test! Classes, gameplay, world and final grade!


Build Wrath Hunter X Speed ​​Farm The Slormancer Build Huntress The Slormancer 15/04/2021 Distance, speedfarm Build Huntress The Slormancer: Speed ​​Farm Material, Legendary Expeditions and Slorm Reapers! For me the best build of the game!
Build Knight The Slormancer Wrath X Tank Thorns Thorn Knight Build The Slormancer 22/04/2021 Off-meta, Tank Build Chevalier The Slormancer: an ultra tanky build that allows you to easily kill Expeditions 10 with retaliation, sticks and thorns!
Build Mighty Angry Knight X The Slormancer Build Knight The Slormancer Wrath X 13/04/2021 Tank Mighty Knight Build: find in this article a build to easily perform The Slormancer 10 Wrath Expeditions
Build Mage Orb of the Wrath Master X The Slormancer Build Mage Orb The Slormancer 17/04/2021 Mage Build Mage Orb of the Master: a build to clean the whole screen very quickly! Angry X speed farm on The Slormancer!
Build Mage Controle Anger X, The Slormancer; JPG Build Mage The Slormancer Wrath X 28/04/2021 Mage Build Mage Control X: a build to aggro the map and easily kill all creeps and angry elite X, on The Slormancer!
Nature Point Huntress Wrath 10 The Slormancer Huntress Fist The Slormancer 26/04/2021 Mage Huntress OS Anger X: a build to kill all mobs and bosses with one blow in Angry X on The Slormancer, Monk Diablo 3 style!
Build Speed ​​farm Goldus: find a build allowing you to quickly recover gold on The Slormancer at a rate of 50 per minute! Speed ​​farm Goldus The Slormancer 19/04/2021 GF, Premium Build Speed ​​farm Goldus: find a build allowing you to quickly recover gold on The Slormancer at a rate of 50 per minute!


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The Slormancer gameplay classes and presentation mage, huntress and knight The Slormancer class guide 06/04/2021 Characters The Slormancer classes: find the gameplay and the complete presentation of the knight, mage and huntress to choose your class!
Craft The Slormancer the guide to improve its items Guide Craft The Slormancer 08/04/2021 Craft Craft The Slormancer: in this guide I explain the principle of crafting and how to get great items using this method!
Farming guide The Slormancer xp, gold, legendary etc The Slormancer Instance Guide 21/04/2021 Farm Farming The Slormancer Guide: a method to optimize your farms, whether you are looking for gold, experience, legendary or essential!
Slorm Temple Guide 02/08/2021 NPC Temple of the Slorm guide: find the techniques to farm the temple as well as the improvements of the Juicy Slorm NPC on The Slormancer
Guide The Slormancer, to understand everything about the game Guide The Slormancer 06/04/2021 Beginner, Premium Guide The Slormancer: type of damage, PNJ, experiences, spells, craft, classes, in short all the useful information to master the game!
Ancestral Legacy The Slormancer, guide and description Ancestral Legacy The Slormancer 25/04/2021 Liabilities Ancestral Legacy The Slormancer: Find out in this guide the ancestral skills, gifts and aura of the wheel, as well as their type!
Slorm Reaper The Slormancer evolution and primordial Slorm Reaper Primordial The Slormancer 15/04/2021 Equipment, Premium Slorm Reaper The Slormancer: find in this guide the different types, their evolution and how to transform it into primordial!


Boss Act 1 Cemetery The Slormancer (beware of spoilers) Boss act 1 The Slormancer 06/04/2021 Gameplay Boss gameplay: find in this article the gameplay to see what the act bosses of The Slormancer look like! Act 1, cemetery!
Improvements for The Slormancer, sharing ideas Ideas improvements The Slormancer 30/04/2021 Analysis The Slormancer Improvements: A list of my ideas and yours that I'm sharing with the Slormite Studio developers!