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Complete Wolcen Guide: builds, handling, crafting, champion mode, ubers, in short ... Everything you need to know!


Wolcen Bloodtrail test and presentation Wolcen Bloodtrail: presentation and test 08/12/2020 Extension, Re-Test Wolcen Bloodtrail: presentation of the extension as well as our video and paper test! We're talking dragon and content!
Boss Act 4 Wolcen Wolcen boss act 4 15/03/2023 Gameplay Discover the final boss of Wolcen Act 4 following update 1.1.7 adding the act but also many balancing!


Build Bleeding Edge 187 warrior two hands Bleeding edge Wolcen 187+ 1.1 Bloodtrail 04/03/2021 Warrior Bleeding edge Wolcen 187+: Use the power of the warrior to annihilate your enemies! Ultra powerful even in bloodtrail 1.1!
Assassin Wolcen Bloodtrail 187+ Dm Gaming Build 1.1.0 Wolcen Bloodtrail Assassin 187 16/12/2020 Assassin Build Assasin Wolcen 1.1.0 Bloodtrail speedfarm and push 187: a fr build that combines power and speed, items, passives and exp!
Build Arc dodges Wolcen Bloodtrail Build Archer Wolcen Bloodtrail Expe 187 11/03/2021 Distance, Off-meta Build Archer 1.1: a build using bow, auto-attacks, mower turrets and arrow rain with maximum dodge for survival
Build Summon Necro Wolcen Arise 29/07/2021 Summons Build Invocation Necromancer: following the Wolcen Arise update, discover my build to push 200+ expeditions!
Build Hybrid Summon Kaboom Dash Wolcen Build Summon Kaboom Wolcen 21/08/2021 Hybrid, Summons Build Hybrid Invoc: a super fun build to play combining invocations, explosions and dashes!
build hybrid mage and wolcen warrior Wolcen Bloodtrail warrior mage build 27/02/2020 Warrior, Hybrid, Mage A viable Wolcen Endgame hybrid 1.1 Bloodtrail build combining warrior power with mage control spells
wolfen bloodtrail ultimate support Build support Wolcen Bloodtrail 1.1.0 187+ 20/12/2020 Support Build support Wolcen: multiply the damage and resistance of your allies by 2! Viable even with two players! Spells, skill, gameplay!
Pilgrim shooting build 187 Wolcen Bloodtrail Build Wolcen Bloodtrail Pilgrim Shooting 23/12/2020 Distance Build Pilgrim Shot 1.1.0 187+: Use the power of Wolcen Bloodtrail's new spell to clear maps and bosses super fast!
Best build mage Wolcen Bloodtrail Best Wolcen Mage Build 27/02/2020 End game, Mage Best Wolcen build: one of the best builds in the game with no powerful item or spells abused! The real power of the two-handed staff mage!
build triple phantom blade wolcen bloodtrail 1.1 Ranger blade 187+ Bloodtrail Wolcen 27/02/2020 Distance, Off-meta Ranger Wolcen 187+ viable 1.1 Bloodtrail: an endgame build based on phantom blades, bringing a lot of clear to the character!


Creating a character on Wolcen Wolcen character customization 21/02/2020 Characters Create character on Wolcen: want a green dye with red eyes? It's possible ! Discover the other custom possibilities!
champion of stormfall wolfen Stormfall Wolcen Champion Guide 27/02/2020 End game, Tiers List Stormfall Wolcen Champion Guide: Have you just completed story mode and need to build buildings? The order and how to do it!
complete guide to wolcen crafting Guide Craft Wolcen and affixes 11/03/2020 Craft Complete Craft Wolcen guide: find all the information for efficient crafting, as well as the tables of possibilities!
wolcen beginner guide Wolcen Getting Started Guide 24/02/2020 Beginner Getting started Wolcen: all the information you need to get started! Afflictions, specifics of equipment and spells, etc!
Wolcen Bloodtrail's Best Passive Wheel of Fate Passives Wheel of Destiny Wolcen Bloodtrail 05/03/2021 Liabilities, Tiers List Passives Wheel of Destiny Wolcen: find in this guide all the interesting passives to take and their usefulness, classified in third list!
Boss Act 4 Wolcen Wolcen boss act 4 15/03/2023 Gameplay Discover the final boss of Wolcen Act 4 following update 1.1.7 adding the act but also many balancing!


edric boss act 1 wolcen Boss Act 1 Edric Wolcen 21/02/2020 Boss, Leveling Boss Edric Wolcen Act 1: all the tips and boss phase to kill him easily. This first clash is pretty tough
Lambach boss act 2 wolcen Boss Act 2 Lambach Wolcen 22/02/2020 Boss, Leveling Boss Lambach Wolcen: the boss's phases and attacks, as well as any bugs that can make it difficult for you to finish it!
Heimlock boss act 3 Wolcen Boss Act 3 Heimlock Wolcen 26/02/2020 Boss, Leveling Boss Heimlock Wolcen Act 3: all the tips to kill the final boss of the game and thus complete the story mode! Warning !
Big change level Expedited Wolcen Objects Wolcen item level change 07/07/2021 Analysis, Equipment Big change in Wolcen Objects level: with patch 1.1.3 a big change in the experience rewards, I tell you everything!
uber wolcen Ubers Wolcen 13/03/2020 Boss, End game Wolcen Ubers: what bosses and drops are available? Are they worth it or is it better to ignore them altogether?
wolcen state and future of the game Wolcen analyzes the game and its future 27/03/2020 Analysis Wolcen future of the game: I analyze the current state of the game as well as the future, to advise you if it is worth playing the game!


Future Wolcen 2021 content What's new on Wolcen in 2021 10/03/2021 Patch Wolcen 2021 news: I review the game's future additions, summons, level of expeditions, filters, craftsmanship, roll!
Wolcen Act 4 patch 1.1.7 arrives March 15, 2023 Wolcen Act 4 release date 07/03/2023 News After a long wait, Act 4 of Wolcen finally finds a release date, March 15, 2023 and will be available on consoles!
Wolcen Aegis of Stormfall Wolcen Aegis of Stormfall 21/01/2022 Analysis Aegis of Stormfall Wolcen finally arrives, and changes the Endgame with the War Table! Review and interest of this update!
Wolcen Bloodstorm, Patch Bloodtrail content Wolcen Bloodstorm Bloodtrail 02/04/2021 Patch Wolcen Bloodstorm: find the analysis of the patch, roll, exp 217, balancing, bestiary and world in this first patch Bloodtrail


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