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Twitch SlashingCreeps Live on Twitch! 27/09/2023 News, News Come have a good time on try hard, farming or event streams with the return of the SlashingCreeps Twitch channel!
Best video games SlashingCreeps Best video games, 10 incredible games! 25/09/2023 News, News Roguelite, Hack and Slash, Scroller, Beat Em Up, Platform... Ten games that you absolutely must have played, for all tastes!
Build Druid Tier 100 Diablo 4 Earth Rampart Build Druid Tiers 100 Diablo 4 22/09/2023 Build, Diablo 4, Druid, Premium The Diablo IV druid earth rampart build to speedfarm level 100 nightmare dungeons with ease!
Build Barbarian Frenzy Hota Diablo 4 Build Frenzy Barbarian HOTA Diablo 4 20/09/2023 Barbarian, Build, Diablo 4 The Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian Diablo IV frenzy build, for endgame and tier 80 nightmare dungeons!
Praxis Ember Knights, how to finish the game at 15 energies Praxis Ember Knights 18/09/2023 Ember Knights How to kill Praxis in Architect's Kingdom on Ember Knights, beat the game and Architect of the End! Best weapons, relics, energy!
SlashingCreeps birthday, four years already! SlashingCreeps is four years old! 16/09/2023 News, News This September 16, 2023 marks four years of SlashingCreeps, with highlights and a lifetime discount on premium!
Season 5 Diablo 2 Resurrected, the end of development or an upcoming expansion Season 5 Diablo 2 Resurrected 15/09/2023 Diablo 2 resurrected, News Diablo II Resurrected Season 5 arrives on September 28, 2023 at 23:00 p.m., but unfortunately, that's it... whatever!
Hades 2 release date Hades 2 release date 14/09/2023 News, hades 2 Initially scheduled for the end of 2023, the Hades II release date has just been pushed back. You'll need to be patient for early access!
Barbarian Whirlwind Build Diablo 4, the endgame offtank for dungeons 70 and more Diablo 4 Whirlwind Barbarian Build 14/09/2023 Barbarian, Build, Diablo 4 The power of the Diablo IV Tourbillon build for the end game, a very durable build with good damage for the perfect offensive tank!
Build Runemaster Last Epoch 0.92, the fire glyph of domination Build Fire Runemaster Last Epoch 0.92 13/09/2023 Build, Last epoch, Mage The Runemaster Fire Last Epoch 0.92 build with Glyph of Domination and Wall of Frost to start the game or farm in endgame!
Calendar, dates of major SlashingCreeps video game releases! Video Games Calendar! 13/09/2023 News, News Find the Hack And Slash, Roguelite release dates calendar and nuggets not to be missed! This page will always be updated!
Guild SlashingCreeps Diablo 4, the best of PvP level 1 [Completed] 1v1 level 1 Diablo 4 Guild 12/09/2023 Events The best of the SlashingCreeps guild tournament in PvP, 1v1 format! Don’t hesitate to join the guild to farm together!
Build Runemaster Last Epoch 0.92, lightning power for story and midgame Build Runemaster Last Epoch 0.92 09/09/2023 Build, Last epoch, Mage The Runemaster Last Epoch 0.92 lightning mage build, for the story and mid-game! Order of skills, passives and equipment!
Last Epoch 0.92 Runes of Power Last Epoch 0.92, the Runemaster live! 07/09/2023 Last epoch, Live To mark the release of patch 0.92 offering the Runemaster and the French translation of Last Epoch, live on Thursday September 7 at 19:30 p.m.!
Map Act 3 Baldur's Gate 3 Map Act 3 Baldur's Gate 3 05/09/2023 Baldur's Gate 3 Complete map of Act III of Baldur's Gate III, Sourland, Dracosire Rock, Lower Town, Sewers and Temple of Bhaal! All secrets!
Underworld Baldur's Gate 3 03/09/2023 3 act, Baldur's Gate 3 Activate the Baldurs Gate III pentagram portal, pentacle for Orphic Hammer, save Esperance, confront Raphael and help Orpheys!
Leaky Clown Baldur's Gate 3, how to easily get all the pieces Drooler the Clown Baldur's Gate 3 02/09/2023 3 act, Baldur's Gate 3 Find all the body parts of Leaky Clown Baldur's Gate III, pelvis, arm, foot, head, torso, leg and hand severed!
Build Druid Tornado Diablo 4 endgame, for the last nightmare levels with the wolf Build Druid Tornado Diablo 4 01/09/2023 Build, Diablo 4, Druid The Diablo IV tornado wolf druid build to easily and quickly farm in tiers 80 and try the last levels of the game!
Diablo 4 mounts, how to unlock mounts, armor and trophies Unlock Diablo 4 Mounts 31/08/2023 Trick, Diablo 4 How to collect all Diablo IV mounts, trophies and mount armor! The complete list to unlock them!
Grim Dawn Fangs of Asterkarn expansion dated 2024 Grim Dawn Fangs of Asterkarn in 2024! 30/08/2023 Grim Dawn, News A new extension for the Grim Dawn license accompanying patch 1.2 for a release date in 2024, Fangs of Asterkarn!

Build Druid Tier 100 Diablo 4 Earth Rampart Build Druid Tiers 100 Diablo 4 The Diablo IV druid earth rampart build to speedfarm level 100 nightmare dungeons with ease!
Gamescom 2023 review, is it worth it Gamescom, is it worth it? Gamescom 2023 Travel, Fares, World and Interests! Want to go there or know how it goes? All the info!
Build Bone Spirit Necromancer Diablo 4 endgame, for hits over 50 million Build Bone Spirit Diablo 4 S1 The Diablo IV Bone Spirit Necromancer build at the end of the game! Critical hits at over 50 million damage to kill your enemies in one hit!